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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of December 17, 2009

As I look out the window of my office on this snowy Wednesday afternoon the 9 th of December I can't think of noting how peaceful it seems – an how happy I am to see our plow contractor out working! There is a pretty aggressive agenda for the last meeting of 2009 (where did this year go!)

Minutes 12/3/09 – The discussion about the water extraction moratorium is pretty lengthy – make sure I took it down accurately. Written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 12 – This is a large one. The fire truck payment will be on here, as is the December plow bill (due 12/31), 2 nd half insurance, and the December school payment. We will have to transfer some money from investments to cover this one!

Cash & Budget Report – At this writing I have not yet received the fire truck bill or the plowing bill for December, so those are not reflected on the report. It's still looking like we'll have $430,000 in the bank come the end of the fiscal year. More on that later. Nothing bad jumps out at me – we're at the low point for the year on revenues.

Checking Account Reconciliation – The report is in your packet. It balanced up nicely this month.

Tax Lien Foreclosures – With a week left to go before foreclosure, there are still six unpaid liens. I've heard from two of the parties, and expect payment from at least one of them. The rest have been sent the required certified mail. The list is in your packet.

Meeting with Pine Tree Waste – Bill DeRoss of Pine Tree Waste will be down to meet with you about no-sort recycling. I've done up an analysis on the offer – it's in your packet.

Water Extraction Moratorium Request – I found out third hand after putting your packets together for the last meeting that one member of the Conservation Commission might be coming to ask the Board about a moratorium. I did not expect the whole board (with one exception) to show up. Regardless, I've put together a report on the moratorium process and the potential timeline for that, and it is in your packet.

The Planning Board has been invited via e-mail to meet with you on this matter as well.

Variance Request – This was your homework from last meeting. I've put the draft in your packet for this meeting as well.

Privy RFP – The proposed ad is in your packet.

Shellfishing – Nothing new since last meeting. The Budget Committee made no recommendations on a budget since there is no figure yet.

Business Development – Nothing has come in since last meeting – still waiting to hear from the U-Maine guy –likely sometime early next year.

Small Animal Clinic Contract – I did check with the SPCA and they are still not able to take in strays. We've had this contract for years, but I do think it could be worded more clearly.

Junkyard Application – The changes suggested a couple meetings ago have been made, and the Planning Board reviewed it December 1 st without comment (that I'm aware of).

Donation Review Ordinance – A first draft to reflect the discussion from a couple meetings ago is in your packet.

Fire Department – The new truck is here, delivered 12/8/09. The chief and I are reviewing a bill for extras that were added during the construction process. I'll put a copy in your packet as well. It is likely the fire department will pick up that which exceeds the budget approved by the town meeting in addition to the $20,000 which the department is contributing to the cost. It is a nicely functional truck that will likely run on most calls.

Radio Update – We received 2 more pagers last week, reducing the need for conversion by about $1,000. The Budget Committee recommended $1,000 less for that capital projects line based on that receipt. We've also submitted, and the agency has received, the application for a forest service grant for pagers and hand held radios. The $3,000 grant requires a matching grant of $3,000. We should have some idea in January whether we will be considered.

Lamoine Quarterly – Once this report is written, that will be the next project (maybe I'll shovel off the steps first).

Budget Committee Recommendations – The committee finished up their work on December 7 th , and the budget as recommended is in your packet. The biggest change to what was presented last time is an adjustment in the amount of surplus used to offset the budget. After speaking with the auditor and looking at the 6/30/10 projected cash balance, I determined that $50,000 would be doable in order to keep the municipal tax commitment approximately the same as the current year. However, that budget does not include the secondary school tuition line or the shellfishing ordinance contribution.

Town Meeting Warrant - The draft warrant is in your packet with the budget committee recommendations put in. If you have a recommendation that would differ from the committee, that would have to be changed, so maybe we should spend time on this now. There are a couple of other considerations, such as “Citizen of the Year” to talk about as well.

Christmas / New Year Schedule

Here's what I'm proposing and advertising for the Christmas/New Year weeks schedule:


Town Office

Transfer Station

Thurs, December 24

Open 9AM to Noon


Fri, December 25



Sat, December 26

Open 8AM to Noon

Open 8AM to 5PM

Sun, December 27



Mon, December 28

Open 9AM-4PM*

Open Noon-5 PM

Tues, December 29

Open 9AM-4PM*


Wed, December 30

Open 9AM-4PM


Thurs, December 31

Open 9AM-2PM


Fri, January 1


Open Noon-5PM

Sat, January 2

Open 8AM-Noon

Open 8AM-5PM

Sun, January 3



*Closed at lunch – I'm taking vacation days on 12/28 and 12/29, back on 12/30, with your approval.

Safe Routes to School – Jo asked to place this on the agenda. Their latest newsletter is in the packet.

Next meetings – the schedule is posted on the agenda

Have an enjoyable holiday season. We'll see you on the 17th .