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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 17, 2009

We're right into the swing of things now that Labor Day has passed and vacations are done for a while. Remember, you'll be down at least one Selectman and possibly two for this meeting. It's also a very busy agenda, as you'll be meeting with both the Budget Committee and the Planning Board and CEO.

Minutes I'll throw another copy of the August 6th minutes in, as you tabled them last meeting in order to give them further review. The September 3rd minutes are in the packet as well.

Warrant 6 The September school payment will show up on the final version. What you have now is as of Tuesday the 8 th . The bill for the speakers in the gym which were installed last weekend will be reimbursed from the Jina's Gym fund. The rest is routine.

Cash & Budget Looking at the printout, the expenditure budget is right on track with where it's supposed to be that's a rarity. Revenues are looking pretty strong as well excise tax ahead of projection at this point, investment interest is down, though.

Checking Reconciliation That's in your packet there were no problems balancing the checking account to the general ledger in August.

Audit Schedule The auditors will be here in September 29 th to wrap up the field work. I'm in the process of closing out the books for FY 2008/09. This may be a bit more complicated than usual given that all the education items are transferred to RSU #24.

Investment Account The report from the First Advisors is in the packet.

Budget Committee I've put the cash flow report that was done in July in your packet. The Committee will hold a short meeting within your meeting to select a chair and set their meeting schedule, and then you'll jointly discuss goals and priorities.

Lease Agreements An agreement with the snowmobile club is all drafted up for your comment. My suggestion is that you mark it up, and we'll present the changes to the club for their comment, and then be able to finalize it in October.

It is my hope to be at the same status with Jennifer Reynolds, but I've not started that yet.

Both agreements are based on a document from the City of South Portland .

Roads Both the job description and the proposed assignment policy are in your packets again for discussion (if time permits). Mike Jordan and I plan to run the roads this (Friday) morning to come up with the work list for the fall and the budget for 10/11.

Snow Removal @ Lamoine School The present contract with Nankervis Trucking includes plowing the school lot. Now that the school is part of RSU 24, the business manager asked how we wanted to handle plowing should they pay a portion of it? My selfish recommendation is that they should, and when the contract is negotiated after this season, we might want to take the school out of the mix, and let the RSU negotiate its own contract.

Hodgkins Scholarship Fund Maine Community Foundation has sent draft application information along. I'm going to try to give it a read early next week, but it's in your packet, and any comments will be most appreciated so that can be available. They've asked for a link on our website, which is easily accomplished.

Lamoine Quarterly It has not been started yet.

Business Development Strategy Outline Once the Reynolds draft lease is done and the road project list is developed, that's next on the list. The Mobilize Maine meeting is the 16 th from 9am to noon I sent an e-mail. I'm probably not available for the whole morning.

Resolves Excise/TABOR MMA is holding a meeting in Ellsworth on the 22 nd in regard to these referenda questions. Several communities have adopted these resolves at the Board level, and a sample resolve from the Town of Belgrade for each question is in your packet. The question is whether you wish to adopt similar resolves and communicate that to the townspeople.

Planning Board/CEO Meeting As mentioned last meeting, the Planning Board is upset by the absence of the CEO at its last two meetings. This will be a chance for all three boards to sit down together and discuss the situation, which should be better controlled. There may be a need to go into executive session in regard to this.

See you Thursday