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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of December 3, 2009

I'm writing this on Monday the 23rd of November, just 4-days after your last meeting in an effort to get things ready for the next meeting prior to Thanksgiving. Jennifer is taking the week off to be with family, so Diane is filling in for her on Wednesday, but I'm working solo on Friday and expect to possibly be busy.

Not a lot has changed over the weekend, but there are a few things to tackle on the agenda.

Minutes Thanks in advance for your review and corrections.

Warrant 11 There should be a plow bill on here it's due 11/30/09, but I've not received it yet. Assuming the new fire truck arrives, the final payment for that will be on here as well. I've got a mileage sheet turned in. The firefighters expense reimbursements are on here as well. We may have to dip into the investment account a bit to cover, but it will be close.

Cash & Budget Report We seem to be in pretty good shape for the shape that we're in. Expenses are tracking about where they should be; revenues are starting to lag a bit, mostly excise tax and investments. FYI we should be receiving the audit sometime next week.

Foreclosure Notices As of this writing, we have 7 properties that have not paid their 07/08 taxes. There is a possibility we could end up owning some. Three refused to claim their certified mail I've sent those via first class mail. The deadline is 12/16/09, which is one day before your next meeting. There is at least one property we'll want to discuss. The list is in your packets.

Assessors Meeting In your effort to meet with all the boards, this is the Assessors turn. I look forward to this meeting as a chance for both boards to get together and come up with good ideas.

Returnables Conservation Commission The Conservation Commission has submitted an application for the returnables I believe the next available month is February 2010. Just one issue for me as treasurer there has never been a fund established for the Conservation Commission through town meeting. If you approve, I would suggest granting temporary fund status until the April 2010 town meeting can establish a fund.

Fire Department Lot Delineation This goes before the Planning Board on 12/1/09. I will be working on an appeal application in anticipation of rejection. The chair of the Board should sign this (with the Board's blessing) so it can proceed.

Code Enforcement Complaint Follow Up A rather lengthy report is being prepared following a written compliant that I filed through this office after several telephone calls. It is in your packet.

Business Development I put e-mail correspondence between Janet Toth and me in the packet regarding a marine trades meeting.

Shellfish Ordinance I've sent Dick's new e-mail address to the folks on the shellfish regional committee. No correspondence has been sent out recently to my knowledge.

Christmas is for Families There is a separate memo in your packet in regard to this program run by the American Legion.

New Fire Truck I suspect we'll have a truck here maybe we can run down to the fire station after the meeting to take a look at it (I'm a little hesitant to park it outside in the cold and dark).

Privy Design Bill Labelle is suggesting a pit privy for the transfer station. It's less expensive and more effective than a vault privy in his opinion, and I expect the design any day now.

Snow Plowing I sent an e-mail in this regard and the responses are appreciated. Let's discuss this at the meeting.

Request to set speed limit on Mill Road @ 25MPH This request came from the Hancock County Sheriff's Department following a chase on Tuesday, 11/24/09. In your packet are the special speed limits set by MDOT, and Mill Road is not on the list. We have to request MDOT to survey the road and set the speed limit, and I would second Deputy Chris Thornton's request. I'm also planning to send a letter to the Sheriff praising the recent interactions we've had with his deputies.

Budget Workshop We can go over projected revenues. The outside agencies are pretty much all that are left and those are due 12/1/09, so we should have a real good picture of where things stand by then.

You may have been privy to some e-mail correspondence regarding the school and RSU 24 I've copied some of it for your packet.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!