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For Meeting of January 7, 2010

I'm writing this on Wednesday, December 23, 2009, so let me wish you a Merry Christmas and best wishes in the new year. There is not a lot on the agenda, which gives me a chance to catch up on a few things like the town report. In fact, it has been fairly quite around the town office this week, though fishing & hunting license sales have been pretty brisk.

Minutes Please review the minutes of 12/17/09 for accuracy.

Warrant 13 I've not started it as of this writing, but I do not expect anything big. Last payroll of the calendar year and the tax payment should be the big highlight. There will be a fire truck payment on the warrant at some point, but not until I get the go ahead from the chief, and any budget excess will likely correspond with a payment to the town from the fire department corporation. I have asked for a bill for the remainder of the flood work which apparently has been finished so that we can complete the reimbursement from the state. We've gotten the first $4,000 from the Needles Eye Road Project as well, and the remainder will come after FEMA comes to inspect it.

Cash & Budget Report I do not expect any odd things when this is prepared.

Checking Account Reconciliation This won't be available until January 2 nd , but I don't expect any anomalies.

Excise Tax Report Again, this will be available after January 1 st and per policy is to be reported quarterly.

Audit Bid Jim Wadman has submitted his price for the next three years, and the increase is relatively minor less than budgeted.

Harbor Master/Transfer Station Personnel Meeting Continuing your theme of meeting with boards/committees/departments, this is the next in line. I'm sending David, Kevin and Bill a letter reminding them of the meeting. You might wish to discuss single-stream recycling with Bill and the shellfishing ordinance with David & Kevin.

Ongoing Shellfishing We got a budget estimate from the shellfishing folks. They're estimating $1,820 for the current fiscal year, and over $2,700 for FY 10/11. The impact on our overall budget is doable I've plugged those figures in as one figure for FY 10/11.

Business Development I've not heard back from the gentleman at U-Maine yet. I'll drop an e-mail to Roxanne Jobe telling her that.

Town Meeting Warrant If we're going to pay the present fiscal year cost for the Shellfishing Ordinance, another article will have to be added. I might suggest an appropriation from the Harbor Fund for that. On paper that fund currently has more than $10,000.

Town Report Draft I'm slowly putting this together. I'll print off what's done thus far. You need to OK your report, we should pick a Citizen of the Year for 2009, and I've got pictures & information on two folks to whom I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate the report. This is the next big project.

That's really all that I've got so far for the next meeting it could be relatively brief!