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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 21, 2010

I just realized that this is the start of my 18th year on board at the town office. Where did the time go? I thank you and the past boards for keeping me employed! This is being written beginning on January 13th .

You've got some heady stuff to discuss at this meeting, so be prepared for a lengthy one. I'll set the TV up for 3-hours.

Minutes – Please do your usual super job of editing.

Warrant 14 – This will be a big one – school and plowing account for $188,000+. The usually monthly bills will be on here in some form. I purchased an eye-wash station for the transfer station that should arrive any day now and a calculator, as the one in my office was unreadable due to a damaged print head.

Budget – Nothing unusual in the budget report. The fund balance on roads now reflects the approved expense and revenue budget.

Hodgkins Trust – The year end report from Bar Harbor Bank and Trust has arrived. This will have to be published in the town report as well.

Tax Payment Reminders – We sent out postcards last year in February reminding folks of their property tax payment due 2/28. It wasn't that much of a hassle here, and the cost is about $250 in postage. Would you like us to do it again this year?

Privy Bids – The bids are due for this meeting. I've had several calls so far, but as of this writing, no bids submitted. I do expect some.

MDOT Radar Trailer – Lottery – Do we want to enter the lottery for 2 weeks of the radar trailer again? The paperwork is in your packet

Biz Development – Cable TV – An e-mail exchange between myself and a Lydia's Lane resident is in your packet. It might be a good time to sit down with Time Warner and see just what their motivation and rules are for extending service.

Shellfish Ordinance – The Budget Committee is meeting quickly on Monday on the Shellfish Budget. I've put packets together for you as well. There was supposedly a meeting last night but I've not heard any feedback.

Returnables – We have two repeat requests for returnables in your packet. I'm thinking we're going to have to skip a month as the date between pickups has been a little longer over the winter, so the proceeds are more difficult to divvy up.

Snow Plow Contract – A request for bids in your packet, with a return date of March 4, 2010 for a 3-year contract. It's based loosely on the current contract with the escalator built in. The school plowing is separated out from the rest of it.

Copier –A draft of a request for bids on a new copier is in your packet.

Town Report Printing – Do you want to bid this out again this year, or would you like me to contact the folks who did last year's report (well done, color cover and inexpensive) to see what they can do for a price this year?

Meeting with Superintendent Webster – Mr. Webster has asked for a few minutes of your time beginning at 8PM. The Local School Advisory Committee meets on Monday at 6:30 PM (following the Budget Committee). The e-mail from his office is in your packet.

Town Meeting –The discussion on referendum vs. open meeting is under this heading. Given the likely length of this discussion, it was placed after the meeting with Mr. Webster. There is a fair amount of material in your packet on the issue.

Draft Warrant – Once the budget committee makes its recommendation on the shellfish budget, the warrant should be pretty much done. The two missing punctuation marks were placed in the latest draft, and the language on guest mooring rentals added to the last article.

Draft Town Report – Not much more has been added since last time. We're slowly plugging away.

Next Meetings –The calendar for the rest of January and February is in your packet (this includes my extracurricular stuff too). Jo mentioned that her anniversary is the 1 st Thursday in May, so the dates for May are listed as “undetermined”.

See you on Thursday!