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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of March 4, 2010

Wow, has it been busy here these past two or three weeks. The 2nd half property tax payments are pouring in (good for cash flow), the town meeting warrant is set, the specimen ballots set, and I plan to officially post them after writing this report. The agenda for your meeting is extremely ambitious, so prepare for a longish evening.

8th Grade Class – I'm trusting that Jo will take care of the invitation – if not, please let me know whom to contact to invite them. The presentation will be a brief synopsis of their class trip plans.

Minutes – There are two sets to approve. The 2/11/10 minutes are rather extensive, 2/18/10 relatively short.

Warrant 17 – There is a payroll and some smaller bills. Nothing big has come in yet. Assuming we get the slug of taxes expected, there will likely be a transfer to the investment account. The Cable TV items that you authorized purchase of at last meeting are also on here. There is also a mileage sheet for me, and considering the recent requests, I'll copy it and put it in your packet. I apologize for the handwriting in advance – I'll be glad to translate if you have any questions.

Cash & Budget Report – Expenses are in line, but revenues, in terms of excise tax, are more than $7,100 behind last year at the same time. Investment interest is more than $4,300 behind last year at the same time. Interest on property taxes is $1,500 ahead of last year at this time (this interest is calculated on actual received, not the payable amount). There is no reason to panic on the revenue side, but I thought you might be interested. I've put the 2/26/09 report in your packet as well.

Abatements – Personal Property – I will draw up the abatement papers. You do not have the authority to abate the current year tax. The previous years in question are clearly in your line of authority. (This might be something to discuss with the assessors – the request approved in January was approached purely from the tax collection point of view).

Bids – Snow Plowing – There have been a lot of sniffs around the bid package, but nothing submitted thus far.

Copier – Lots of interest in this, and a few have been received. In my opinion this can't happen soon enough; the current copier is failing on a regular basis.

Road Commissioner – This was the planned meeting for March. Mike had asked about road posting and will be here anyway. If there is time, we'll rerun the work list generated last fall and update it with what has been completed.

Cable TV Committee – The committee did not make any particular month for a meeting, and expressed interest in meeting with the Selectmen soon, so this will be the meeting. There are some issues they would like to discuss. The committee's latest notes are in your packet (and were there for last meeting)

Assessing – A separate memo is included in your packet on this issue

ACO – Written reports from Mike Arsenault are in your packet on this issue. The result of this investigation has prompted me to generate a code enforcement inquiry regarding building without a permit and junk car law violations.

CEO – A copy of the investigation report and the notice of violation are in your packet. The CEO has met with the property owner who has received the notice (presumably) via certified mail. I suspect we'll have to engage the services of the town attorney at some point.

Shellfish Ordinance – There is still some wrangling on the final version of the ordinance. Dick is keeping track. The latest version is on the website, but the final version has not been placed out for public consumption at the Town Office. Ditto that with the two planning board documents and the Donation Review Ordinance, which will be placed out next week.

Referendum Voting – A separate memo is in your packet on this matter.

AFG Grant - As reported at last meeting, we won the grant for nearly $15,000. The fire chief and I will be working to follow the federal procurement guidelines as the materials will be purchased. It's amazing how many vendors are already aware of the award and have solicited our business.

Tank Project Proposal – A letter from me to the Cold Spring Water Company is in your packet. Basically, the fire department wants to float the idea of installing a holding tank much like that at the school for a fast source of clean water after training or a fire. It would NOT be used as a supply hydrant.

William Dickey Resolve – A resolve for your signature and presentation at the Eagle Scout ceremony will be ready.

No Sort Recycling – A separate memo is in your packet.

Economic Development – I've written up a separate memo giving a brief synopsis of a meeting I had with two gentlemen from U-Maine and Roxanne Jobe of EMDC. I've not heard from Axiom re the ConnectME grant, but I did hear from Ms. Nagiecka that they were being hooked up on Lydia's Lane with broadband from Red Zone. She was very excited about that.

The Verizon tower is proceeding, the power lines have been run from the pole on the old dump road into the site – I understand Bangor Hydro is waiting for one more pole to be installed by Verizon before hooking up the power finally. Soon!

Oxford Casino Support – A letter from the Town of Oxford is in your packet.

Meeting Schedule – I have a major conflict on April 15 th , and wonder if maybe this could be a very fast organizational meeting at @5:30 PM? I'm the emcee for the Grand Auditorium's “Dancing with the Stars” show and that (I found out last night) is dress rehearsal night.

If all goes well, I'm hoping to have this packet done today (2/25/10) and available at the school forum tonight.