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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of March 18, 2010

Another lovely spring day is upon us as I write on Wednesday the 10 th of March. Most of the agenda items are carried over from the previous meeting, and it's my sincere hope this is a much shorter meeting than the previous one.

Minutes of March 4, 2010 Please look these over, they're long ones. Written edits are most appreciated.

Warrant 18 This will be on the large side as the school payment and the snow plowing payment will be included. There are a couple of General Assistance bills on here as well. I did get some office supplies while I was in Bangor last weekend colored paper and a new pencil sharpener for elections.

Cash & Budget Report Going into the last quarter of the year, we look to be in relatively good financial condition. Expenditures are tracking pretty much where they ought to be, and though revenues are down, that is expected, and I'm starting to see excise tax pick up a bit. January and February were ahead of where we were last year. We do have enough cash in the bank to get through June.

Checking Account Reconciliation The checkbook balanced up nicely, though there is a slight discrepancy with the Apple Store charge for the cable TV computer. Part was charged in February and the other part in March, and the actual hit on the debit card was lower than the invoice (better than the other way around). The reconciliation is in your packets.

Zero Sort Recycling Victor Horton from MRRA will attend your meeting, that's why that's up front. In your packet will be the latest proposal from Pine Tree, my analysis of that offer, and the e-mail thread from MRRA.

Roads As requested, a draft tree-removal policy is in your packet. This is very basic and should warrant some discussion. I am pleased to report that the Herricks and the Jordans have chipped up the debris from the 2/26/10 storm in less than 2-days. That includes the pile on Mill Road.

MDOT 6-year plan The MDOT is calling for project nominations. The information is in your packet.

Boat Ramp There is an e-mail from Richard Brey in your packet asking for support in upgrading the boat ramp at Lamoine State Park.

Referendum vs. Open Town Meeting The draft process that was in last meeting's packet is back in this packet for discussion.

Ordinance/Info Hearing (Shellfishing) The 4/1/10 informational hearing should also include the other ordinance changes being proposed (Building & Land Use, Donation Review etc). There has been a flurry of documents on the shellfishing matters the latest versions are posted to the website the best I can figure. The Planning Board has been invited to attend your 4/1/10 meeting anyway, and the e-mail encourages someone to help explain the proposed changes to the BLUO.

Photocopier As of this writing, the first of the copiers is being tried out here in the office. It's the new Xerox and is very nice. We may not have a recommendation for this meeting, as the Toshiba won't be here until Wednesday. The Oce copier should be here to try out on Monday.

Business Development Not much took place last meeting on this if you have time, do you wish to discuss any kind of strategy.

Verizon Tower Verizon mailed back the latest signed amendment today, so all the paperwork seems to be in place. Still waiting for power and the lease payments.

Broadband Nothing new has come in on this. I was hoping to follow up with Ms. Ngiecka to see if Red Zone is working for them.

That's all I have for now. I'm hoping to get the Lamoine Quarterly for April started soon.