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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 15, 2010

Congratulations to the newly elected board members. Your first meeting of this iteration of the board will also likely be the shortest.

Because it is the first meeting, I will call it to order as Deputy Town Clerk, and the first order of business will be to select a chair.

Warrant 20 – This will be a large warrant, as the school payment will be on here. A few small items are here as well, including a payroll. The ballot clerk payroll will be on here as well for the 4/6/10 election, though as of this writing (4/8 9AM) I've not received that voucher yet.

Cash & Budget Report – The change in the fire truck purchase section has been made as requested. The expenditure side shows the town expenses now slightly behind the percentage of the year that has passed. Revenues are still off significantly in excise tax and interest income. In your packet is a projection from The First Advisors on what to expect for interest for the rest of the fiscal year. The last two months have been bleak, losing a few cents on each account. As you can see from the cash report, if all expenses and revenues are realized, we should have $440,691.05 in the bank at the end of June.

Checking Account Reconciliation – The checking account balanced easily, and the report is in your packet (as well as on line)

Policies – These are basically renewals of existing policies that each new version of the Board should approve. The procedures policy has no proposed changes, the fee schedule does – eliminating long-distance phone charges, long distance fax charges, and floppy discs from the list of available services (nobody uses those any more).

The disbursement policy has no proposed changes either.

Town Meeting Results – There will be signature copies ready of the ordinances that passed (Shellfish and the 2 BLUO changes).

That's it unless something comes up in an emergency. I do need to leave in a bit of a hurry as this meeting is the same night as the dress rehearsal for the “Dancing with the Ellsworth Stars” show that the Grand has asked me to emcee.