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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 29, 2010

Unlike the last meeting, I won't be wearing a tuxedo for this meeting, and it won't last 25-minutes. I do intend to take a group picture of you folks at this meeting though, so the TV Channel and the web page can be up to date, so dress accordingly.

You have an extremely busy agenda for the first full meeting as a new board.

Minutes – There are two sets to approve – the meeting of April 1st was lengthy, the April 15th organizational meeting was not. Written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 21 – So far, this is pretty small – the largest payment is the semi-monthly motor vehicle registration check, which accounts for 1/3 of the warrant.

Cash & Budget Reports – We've reached the point in the year where the total municipal expenditures are falling behind the percentage of the year passed. There are no expenditure concerns on my part at this time. Excise tax revenues continue to lag as of this writing. Those should pick up in the last two months of the fiscal year. Investment interest is down as well, but the past two months have seen virtually no interest income – the 1 st has shown that will pick up in the next 3-months.

Investment Management Report – The written report from The First Advisors is in your packet.

Hodgkins Trust – To conserve paper, I've put just the 1st page of that report in your packet.

Uncollectible Account – We've had an outstanding debris bill for Chris Kitteridge since June of 2008. His mail is being returned as address unknown, unable to forward. The original bill was $49.78. It is my recommendation that the Board declare this as uncollectible and I will draw up an order for such.

Debit/Credit Card Acceptance – We've had some movement from The First on accepting debit cards and passing a fee along to the consumer. Heather Lewis sent a link to a web based acceptance operation where we would have a swipe card machine in the office. This could also be used for computer sales if we so desired. I've asked for more information, but I've tried a sample of the website and it looks to be pretty easy. If the rest of the information comes in prior to the meeting, you might be able to act on it; otherwise, I would seek a vote authorizing me to continue to pursue this, pending a final vote.

Oil Pre-purchase 2010/11 – No Frills has faxed what they have to offer at this time. It doesn't set a price at this point and we don't have any money to spend until 7/1/10. Right now the price is $2.659. How would you like to proceed?

Planning Board/CEO Meeting

I believe most of the parties should be here, Dennis arranged for that evening off. Mr. Fritz will also be here to talk about the activity on Chickadee Lane. A previous memo has outlined his concerns.

Snowplowing contract – Richard McMullen said the contract as drafted is acceptable to him. If you would like to sign a couple of copies, I will have him sign, and that will be done with.

Parks Commission Resignation – David Grasso has submitted a resignation to Kerry – which as the appointing authority the Selectmen should act on. I'll draft up a letter to Mr. Grasso.

Town Hall Sign Replacement – As noted this time last year, the town hall sign outside has deteriorated badly. It's taken me a long time to find a local sign maker to be able to craft a replacement out of long lasting material. Gary Saunders has made an offer (it's in your packet), and it will be made from PVC Board and vinyl lettering. His work is top notch – he lettered the new fire truck. There is money left in the capital improvements appropriations for this year thanks to lower than expected costs for the outhouse and the copier. The present sign's south side won't be readable much longer.

Steps Repair – As you probably have noticed, the cement steps at the town hall entrance are breaking apart where one of the rails is bolted in. I've asked Skip Smith to repair them – he's waiting for consistently dry weather. It's not particularly dangerous at this point.

Rewire Tech Room – The fellow who works with Noel Dechar is going to do this on Saturday the 24 th – it will come from the cable TV fund. The room is a hodgepodge of wiring at this point – I never have really had time to rewire it myself, and he's far more knowledgeable about this sort of thing. I'm in hopes rewiring will also improve the transmission quality a bit.

Sharing Services – There's a letter from the Town of Southwest Harbor in your packet. I'll be seeing the town manager at Tuesday's League of Towns meeting and will try to get more detail from her then.

Local School Advisory Committee – I'm still waiting for a formal request, and they're interviewing principal candidates on the 29 th , so I would not expect anything to transpire that evening.

One thing to note with the budget validation vote this year, there will be a question on the ballot to see if the voters wish to continue the validation process.

PERC – Each year at this time we get a chance to adjust the amount of tonnage we guarantee to ship to PERC. I'm not recommending any change at this time – we're actually running a little lower this year than last (more recycling?). Also, there is communication about stabilizing funding for PERC when the contracts expire in 2018. That material is in your packet.

Grants – There are several grant programs in your packet. We've used the septic replacement grant before with success, but I'm not aware of any septic failures at this time that would qualify for a replacement grant.

The MDOT Quality Community Program information is in your packet.

The Small Harbor Improvement Program is also in your packet. I'm curious if the State Park might be eligible and when we meet with them on May 13 th , that might be something to discuss.

Town meeting/referendum questionnaire – The latest version incorporates Dick's suggestions with my suggestions and Cynthia's suggestions. The latest plan was to distribute those at the polls on June 8 th .

Welcome to Lamoine Packet – We've updated this quite a bit at the office – it's amazing how much changes in a short period of time. Please take a look, and if it's acceptable, you can sign it. I know Cynthia was working on a short version as well.

Job Descriptions – I've been working with Jennifer and Diane to update the job descriptions, and the latest version is in your packet and is acceptable to them. There are no major changes to their function, but the wording is more comprehensive and up to date.

Verizon Wireless – By the time you get this, the tower should be active. I was up yesterday (4/20/10) and the fellows working there expected it to be on line by the 22 nd . Still no word from their corporate folks on rent payment – they did receive the certified letter I sent, but I don't see a deposit yet.

May 20th meeting – As of this writing on 4/21, a letter is drafted to Lamoine businesses to invite them to the meeting, and a memo drafted for the various boards to attend. I had done up a rather lengthy list of businesses a while back and generated a list of over 50 folks to send invites to. That's in your packet. Jo said she would review the letter and we'll get that sent out by Friday the 23 rd .

Board Goals – A copy of the goals from last year is in your packet along with a synopsis of where those goals stand. This doesn't need to be a long process, but it was very helpful having some goals in writing.

See you Thursday…..stu