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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of May 13, 2010

You'll notice the meeting agenda is relatively short, but this could be a long meeting. We have many guests planning to attend.

Minutes Please look over the last set of minutes and submit the usual written corrections. It is most appreciated.

Expenditure Warrant 22 I've not yet put May's school bill on here, so it will be at least $175,000 more than what is in your packet. Our dues to Maine Municipal Association are also to be added ($2,058), plus a few fire dept bills and town office maintenance bills. There is nothing unusual on the warrant in your packet. I did pay the NAPA bill prior to the meeting so we could take advantage of a cash discount for quick payment, and it was less than $500.

Cash & Budget Report Expenses are within tolerances in fact a bit behind for the most part. Revenues still lag on investment interest (I'll address that in a second), and excise taxes.

Checking Reconciliation The checkbook balanced very quickly this month and corresponded to the general ledger with virtually no problem the beauty of having a meeting on the next to last day of the month!

Investment Interest Once again there was a loss after fees on investment interest. A printout of future interest is included in your packet. This was projected a couple reports ago, and the May and June interest should make some money.

State Park We inquired of the state park about fixing up the boat ramp in response to an e-mail from Richard Brey. They plan to meet with you at this meeting to talk about this. We also received permission from town meeting to institute a guest mooring program at the harbor and should discuss that with the Harbor Master and the Park. And, while they are here, we can find out a date (if any yet) for the sculpture dedication. I did take new pictures of the sculpture at the request of Gerry Williams and e-mailed a couple to the Ellsworth American for their out and about publication.

School Advisory Committee Debt Service You all got the e-mail regarding the vote of the LSAC and my take on which perspective the various parties are coming from. The parties have been invited. The purpose of my message was to tackle this not from a political standpoint I think everyone is clear on where everyone stands, but from a process standpoint, and if it's the wish of the Board or Community, to determine how, or even if, such an agreement can take place. It's my contention that the Board of Selectmen should know first whether it's even legal to pay the debt service before debating the wisdom of it. So far, no one has come up with a legal opinion on that. Just whose job that might be has been the object of a fairly healthy e-mail exchange in recent days.

Request of Ron Fritz re: Chickadee Lane A separate memo is in your packet on this matter. Mr. Fritz apologized for not being at the previous meeting, but he says he had a family medical emergency to attend to.

Safe Routes to School Grant There is some e-mail from Jo and others in your packet on this matter.

Business Development Forum The invitations have gone out to business owners, e-mail to the various town boards and officials, and it will happen the Thursday after this meeting. Is there anything else (snacks?) that we should be taking care of ahead of time?

Town Meeting Format Survey The latest survey form is in your packet with the changes you requested last meeting. FYI, the reading ease was 6.8.

Meeting with Board of Assessors Date I might have a date for you just prior to this meeting as the Assessors hope to meet on the 12 th .

Utility Pole Flags Bangor Hydro has granted us perpetual permission to hang the flags from the poles. Now it's just a matter of doing it. I took them all down last year, and this is a big job (took me the better part of a day and a half), and schlepping that ladder in and out of the truck 50-times was no picnic. Let's discuss this if there is time.

Job Description I should have the updated job description for both Jennifer and Diane in your packets.

Reappointment List In your packets is a list of those folks whose appointments expire on June 30 th .

Draft Goals List Based on the discussion last meeting, a new set of goals for 2010/11 is in your packet in draft form, awaiting, possibly, finalization.

That's it, in a nut shell. See you Thursday.