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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 3, 2010

Boy, this meeting snuck up on me, since the previous meeting was 2-days ago. Glad it's my Saturday to run the office. I'll try to deliver these over the weekend, but it's likely to be Memorial Day for delivery.

The agenda isn't all that long but there is some pretty heady stuff on here.

Minutes They actually got done, despite a very busy Friday in here. Thank you for the written corrections to the May 13th meeting you are to be commended in your efforts to make sure everything is correct.

Warrant 24 I doubt you'll have that in your packet as I've not started it yet. The only bills pending are payroll, a $25 bill for a fire department expenses, and a sign bill from White Sign for $ 447.00. You will have the month-end state report payments on here as well, plus whatever comes in between today and Tuesday.

Cash & Budget Report I'll try to run one off, but more realistically, expect that on Thursday which will include the warrant. I will have it up to date on line on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Checking Account Reconciliation This won't be done until Tuesday at the earliest as the checking account statement won't be ready until 6/1/10. It should be ready for Thursday.

Meeting with RSU 24 Superintendent The Budget Validation referendum for 6/8/10 needs to be signed. Mr. Webster wants to talk budget with you folks. The budget passed as proposed by the RSU 24 board and the validation vote is June 8 th . I've also stuck other items under this, including the lot transfer (which hasn't happened), and the MDI question, since we have him here.

Meeting with Fire Chief Skip forgot about last week's meeting. He will be here this Thursday. The water tank is the only item he had this morning, and that should be relatively quick.

Resignation As I informed you by e-mail yesterday, Diane Carter has given me three weeks' notice that she is leaving. She is taking a full time job with benefits. I've asked Jennifer to attend your meeting so we can discuss a replacement plan, and we can do her job performance review and mine if you'd like at this meeting.

Hodgkins Scholarship The deadline for applications is June 1, 2010. We've received 6 so far. I've put a separate memo and information sheets in your packet. I cannot be involved, as my daughter is one of the applicants. It is my suggestion that because students are involved, that this review and recommended in executive session, and that the recommendations be written on the memo for transcription onto the Maine Community Foundation Form.

Job Description Given the resignation of Diane Carter, I would suggest a 2nd review of that position. The changes to the clerk/tax collector/registrar as requested have been made and that is in your packet for final approval.

Job Performance Reviews We're quickly running out of year. I would suggest that you do Jennifer and mine tonight, Dennis, Bill Fennelly, and Mike Jordan could be done on the 17th . Blank forms are in your packet.

Sorry for the hurry up schedule, but I wanted to get back on track to the 1st and 3rd Thursday schedule.