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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 17, 2010

If all goes well, you're getting this Thursday the 10 th . The agenda is relatively short, but your meeting could take a while as employee reviews are on here.

Minutes Please look them over and edit as usual

Warrant 25 This is a big one as there is a school bill on there. There will be a bill for the excess tuition at MDI at some point in the near future David Bridgham tells me he's working on that. I've asked if that could be part of the assessment for next year, as we've not budgeted for excess tuition (Debt service factor is not applicable in this discussion), and he'll work on that. We're also getting a bill for fund balance to be transferred, and that will be paid in equal installments next year too.

The bill for Dennis Lounder is for the new hot water heater at the fire station. The old one let go a few weeks ago.

HUB International's bill is the annual volunteer insurance coverage we purchase for those serving on boards, etc.

Cash & Budget Report Town expenditures are well below where they ought to be, which is good news! Revenues are still below on interest and excise taxes as expected. There has been no change in that trend.

Investment Management Report The report is in your packets

Tax Collector Settlement(s) I've got to do some research, but there are several years that are ready to be settled, and I'll have that prepared for the meeting.

Mileage Rate for 2010/11 Per policy the rate is a hybrid of the state and federal rates. This year it will actually drop $0.03/mile to $0.47.

My Contract Because you have a 3-year contract with me and we're going into the 2 nd year, and the salary is variable, we should acknowledge what the cost to the town is. This will be the amount that was budgeted.

Board Appointments All those serving on committees have been contacted. You will need to find two new Local School Advisory Committee members, but the rest of the folks have indicated they're willing to be reappointed. I've attached a list to the agenda.

Road Name Failte Lane is off Seal Point Road, serving the area going toward Mosely Point. There are two buildings being served, and the landowner's son has suggested the name. An order will be drawn up I have to go measure the length.

Lamoine Quarterly I've not yet started it.

MMA LPC Vote The ballot is in your packet. I find it ironic that Jim Schatz would serve on the committee and possible serve in the Legislature at the same time.

Job Performances/Contract These discussions will take place in executive session. I'll print off the reviews for you to fill out and supply them to the employees as well. I've spoken with Jennifer and reviewed the budget for potential pay for a full time job with benefits, and have that in a separate memo.

Don't forget the public hearing on the 14th . I'll see you that evening we're doing it for TV.