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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 2, 2010

Thank-you for the week off. Though we didn't go anywhere or do much of anything, it was a nice time to wind down and catch up on some projects at home.

The upcoming meeting will be a quick one. I understand that Dick will not be able to attend due to a business commitment. We will meet in a classroom at the school and then adjourn to the Jina's Gym dedication in the Gym.

Minutes of August 12, 2010 Please look these over to make sure they're accurate. I didn't get them done until yesterday (August 25 th ) and time tends to degrade my interpretation of my written notes.

Warrant 4 I'm in hopes that by the time you get this packet, this has been signed. The school department is waiting on its check. There's nothing spectacular on here.

Warrant 5 You will have an elected/appointed official's payroll on this one as of 9/1/10 (that means you'll get half your paycheck!). The computer program database will also be on here a little less expensive than I had anticipated! Other bills are trickling in. There will also be a sizeable transfer to Investment Management on this warrant, as well as the county tax bill.

Cash & Budget Report The report with Warrant 4 is as of Tuesday morning. We're getting a fair amount of revenue in, and cash flow is positive!

Audit Schedule One of my next tasks is to do the closing entries for FY 2010 in preparation for the audit. Jim Wadman's office will be here on October 4th .

Proclamations I'll do up a proclamation for Jina's Gym to be presented at the ceremony following your meeting. There are two other requests for proclamations that have come in recently one has to do with the end of WWII which coincides with the meeting date, and the other is for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The information is in your packet.

Out of Town Trash Bill left off a report involving one of the commercial haulers allegedly bringing trash to Lamoine from out of town (again). I've not invited the hauler to this meeting, given the time constraint and to get an idea from the Board as to how you want to handle it.

Returnables There are two applications waiting, and we need some beneficiaries starting in September!

Town Meeting Format A draft of the town meeting warrant for 11/2/10 will be in your packet. The wording on the advisory vote is a draft only let's get that finalized and the warrant can be signed on September 16 th . Ballots must be available by October 3 rd .

Thank-you to Cynthia for compiling the results of the survey. The comments were especially helpful. I hope this gives the Board an idea of the issues in the minds of residents surrounding the format of town meeting.

Next Meeting(s)

In your packet, please find a proposed schedule of meeting with boards/appointed officials. The Budget Committee is due to meet with you on September 16 th and they can hold their organizational meeting at that time. The Shellfish Warden would also like to meet the Board and I've invited him to that meeting as well.

That's all for this agenda remember, 6PM at the School.