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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 16, 2010

Glad the heat wave has broken and the hurricane amounted to nothing. Lamoine got mentioned in the County EMA report as keeping citizens well informed on Hurricane Earl, even though a major storm did not materialize.

Dick and Cynthia will not be able to attend this next meeting, but the Budget Committee will be there. They will select officers and set the schedule for the 2011/12 budget season just prior to your meeting.

The agenda is relatively short.

Minutes of September 2, 2010 Please review the minutes to make sure they're accurate.

Warrant 6 The school bill for September will be on here. There are a bunch of smaller bills and a payroll as well. Nothing really stands out. I do hope to move some investment account money around to match up to the fund balance amounts as calculated on 6/30/10.

Cash & Budget Report We're in pretty good shape coming out of the summer.

Preliminary Balance Sheet I list this as preliminary as the audit will make some final adjustments. I'm showing a very large education fund balance, and that's something the auditors will have to adjust to match up with RSU 24. At this point, we ended the year with $331,000 in surplus!

Investment Management Report The report from The First Advisors is in your packet.

Meet with Budget Committee As mentioned above, the Budget Committee is holding their organizational meeting just prior to your meeting. This will be a good chance to chat about the upcoming budget.

Meet with Shellfish Warden I spoke with Mike Hall a few weeks ago and he wanted to come by and say hello. There are some issues surrounding closures that have come up, as well as whether the ordinance is in effect at Lamoine State Park. Maybe we could discuss that with him.

Meeting with Rusty Boynton I've spoken to and written to Rusty regarding the information from the transfer station manager. As requested, a copy of the letter sent in the last incident is with your packets. I'm in hopes he will show up with the information requested.

Local School Advisory Committee Appointment Nate Mason has agreed to serve on the advisory committee if you still wish to appoint him. He would take Brett Jones' place as Brett is the interim RSU 24 rep and is actively running for the seat in November.

Domestic Violence Awareness Proclamation This will be ready for signature at your meeting.

Special Town Meeting Warrant This will be ready for you to sign as edited at the last meeting.

Parks Kiosk I forgot to mention this at the meeting at the school last time Kerry Galeaz had called me earlier that day to bring me up to date. Kermit Theall will be building the kiosks at Lamoine Beach and Blunt's Pond. He's charging $1,000 plus materials. There is about $600 encumbered for this after all the work that has gone into getting the panels done. The Parks fund has more than $6,000 in it Kerry is asking that the Parks Fund be drawn down to cover this cost. I would recommend doing so.

That's all I have for the agenda at this point. See you Thursday.