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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of October 7, 2010

Autumn has officially begun, and we've even had to turn up the heat in the office a couple of times already. I believe the entire board will be in attendance for this meeting now that bear hunting season is over. Please let me know if you will not be able to attend.

This will also mark the start of work on the 2011/12 budget. The agenda seems relatively light, so you should be able to devote some time for that effort. I've started work on the Administration and Solid Waste budget drafts, and as time permits, we'll be working up the other budgets.

Minutes There were just three members present last meeting, but all should look over the minutes for errors.

Warrant 7 Because it will be 3-weeks between meetings, there will be two payrolls on Warrant 7. I've got a full mileage sheet that will be reimbursed on the 2 nd payroll. There is also a Cable TV purchase of a new audio mixer for field events apparently one channel blew in the mixer we currently have, which explains why it was difficult to set up at times. So far, the warrant is pretty small.

Cash & Budget Report I do not expect anything unusual with the budget report at this point.

Checking Account Reconciliation The month ends this Thursday, so the reconciliation will not likely be done before you get your packet, but I'll try to do it up Friday or Saturday morning.

Excise Tax Report The September figures won't be plugged into this until Friday morning, so the report will be ready then. It seems like we were very busy with car registrations this summer, but I won't be able to tell until the September figures are placed into the spreadsheet.

Junkyard Hearings Barry Norris' junkyard applications are in on time and paid for this year. I've copied them for you. It would be good to get that hearing out of the way on October 21 st if possible. The permits expire at the end of October.

MDOT Speed Trailer A separate report on the trailer and the recorded speeds is in your packet.

Agreement with Rusty Boynton A separate memo is in your packet. I've sent a copy to Rusty and as of this writing have not heard back from him.

Municipal Review Committee / Trash Ordinance Information from the MRC is in your packet. Apparently they're not getting enough trash at the PERC plant it's not my recommendation to increase our trash load any we're pretty close to our obligation anyway.

Public Hearing Advisory Vote This is your call I'm not sure what kind of crowd to expect for a public hearing, so the date and location need to be thought out. It must take place at least 10-days prior to the election (the 10-day period ends on October 23, 2010). You meet next on the 21st . You need to give notice of the public hearing 7-days before it happens. Not a big window in which to operate.

Safety Works Follow Up The Safety Works Report is here, and you have a copy in your packet. We've got less than 6-months to get things in order, and it's a lot of work to do. The fire department started last week, tacking a few issues at a time. The transfer station matters will be fairly easy to resolve.

Congratulations to Doug Coleman I'll have a town stationery card for you to sign Doug won the Lasker Award for his work at Jackson Laboratory pretty much the equivalent to a Nobel Prize I am told.

Recycling/MSW Bid The contracts with Pine Tree Waste run out at the end of June. It's about time to start the process rolling to write up specifications and do a request for proposals. With your direction, I'd be happy to get that started.

Lamoine Quarterly I've got it started as of this writing (9/27) and hope to have it done for your packets. We won't publish until the day after the 10/7 meeting so it'll be a bit late for the October deadline.

Planning Board Joint Meeting Date Jo asked that this be included. The Planning Board was not keen about discussing the business friendly matter at their last workshop as they had specific ordinance items on their plate to deal with. Would you like to schedule a meeting just with the Planning Board soon to discuss this item?

Budget Workshop There will be an initial budget proposal for Administration and Solid Waste in your packet this is just a starting point and each line is explained. Take it, tweak it, and get it ready for the Budget Committee which meets on the 18 th . In previous years, the budget workshop has been awfully quick, and it's something that maybe more discussion should take place about.

That's it for now. See you on Thursday.