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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of October 21, 2010

Where has October gone? Besides time flying by, this actually has been a relatively mild month in the town office. A few people who didn't see the big letters on their tax bill have complained about being charged interest on the overdue amount. We've tried to be diplomatic. Several are mailing in payments late, and we're doing our best to let them know a small amount of interest is due.

We closed the office on October 13th in the afternoon so Jennifer & I could take an on-line motor vehicle registration update class. That worked out pretty well, and we should be all set for a while. Next Tuesday evening, Jennifer, Dennis & I will have a brief workshop/meeting to get together on some cross-training on code enforcement application cross-training.

Your agenda is relatively light, but there are three public hearings scheduled. Two are not likely to draw a lot of interest (automobile graveyards and general assistance updates), and I'm not sure what kind of interest the advisory referendum question will generate.

Automobile Graveyards Unless I hear anything different between now and Thursday, I will draft up the permits with the usual conditions.

General Assistance This is the annual update required by the state to be in compliance with state law. It raises the various levels of assistance available. You need to sign the state form following the hearing.

Advisory Question I look forward to hearing testimony on this question.

Minutes Please do your usual wonderful job editing!

Warrant 8 As of this writing, it's about $19,900. I've not yet scheduled the school payment, which is $174,000 and have not received the mail yet today, so it'll be a lot bigger! You'll see zeros in there for our one hourly person on payroll the pay date is 10/20, and I won't have his hours until Monday this figure will change. The rest is routine though I note with trepidation that the 1 st snow plowing payment is on here! Winter is coming!

Cash/Budget Report Thank-you for pointing out the estimated revenue errors last meeting that has been fixed. We're below the percentage of year passed on expenses (at least until I put the school bill in). Revenues actually look OK; we're still ahead on excise tax.

Hodgkins Trust The summary page of the report is in your packet. I've not heard anything on when the adjustment to the $200,000 threshold might come.

Bottles The 8 th grade has submitted an application. November is the next month available.

Joint Planning Board Meeting Looks like December 14 th would be OK with some of the board members.

RFP for MSW / Recycling I've drafted up a request for proposal (basically lifting the language with some slight alterations from the one we did in 2006) for the next contract. It specifies Coastal Recycling as the drop off point. Look it over closely, and if it's satisfactory, we can send it out with bids due back in December.

Budget Workshop The Budget Committee meets Monday on Administration and Solid Waste. The capital improvements program is in there too. I doubt there will be many changes thrown back by the budget committee. In other words, it should be short!

That's it for this meeting see you either Monday and/or Thursday.