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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of November 18, 2010

Greetings. It's the day after Veterans' Day as I write this report and if all goes well, I should be getting the dead perennials out of the front flower gardens this afternoon, and try to stick up some more street signs before winter sets in. I will be at basketball officials' conference this weekend. The night of the meeting, I'm tentatively slated to ref the first basketball game to be played at the Jina's Gym at the school – I don't have many details on that, but I should be on time!

It's a relatively short agenda for Thursday.

Minutes – Speaking of relatively short, the last meeting was just 45-minutes long. If you could review the minutes of that with written changes, that would be helpful.

Warrant 10 – This will be a big one and will require that we move money from the investment management account. The school bill and plowing bills are the biggest ones. The cash transfer will be about $100,000.

Cash & Budget Report – You'll notice the radio purchase line is now on budget – a transfer was made for the overrun to come from the Fire Department budget under pager purchase.

Investment Management Report – The written report is in your packets.

Annual Town Meeting Date – Many thanks to Jennifer who compiled the attendance figures for the town meetings for the past 17-years. A separate memo is in your packet.

Progress Report – Safety Works Inspection – We're making progress – the transfer station should be nearly complete with policies – just need to finalize them with Bill and do some training. The fire department has a lot of material to develop, but that is also taking place. Many thanks to Jon Morren and Peter Goebel who are helping develop programs and other materials for that. The Fire Department will require a full day in-house training session sometime after the first of the year.

Business Development – A draft agenda is in your packet for the joint meeting with the Planning Board on 12/14/10. Also, it was a bit slow last Saturday, so I started cleaning things up in my office and came across the large sheets of paper from the forum last May facilitated by Ron Beard. I've put all this points he wrote on those papers into a computer file and disposed of the sheets. The printout is in your packet, and if you wish to discuss, great.

Budget Workshop – A report on transfer station compensation is in your packet. It doesn't make any conclusions – that's your job, but I think it gives a pretty good basis of information. If you want more, let me know.

I met with the MMA health insurance person on Tuesday, and have the latest costs for that. It comes down to the Town Meeting approving joining the MMA Health Trust, implementing some policy for full time employees, and the like. We've also had discussions with Maine Care, and they advise that it would be best to find another insurance solution such as MMA.

I plan to develop the revenue budget next week, and will have that ready on Thursday.

The overall budget is pretty close to being done. I don't have the Parks Commission budget or all of the social service agencies, library and YMCA in yet, but we should have a pretty good idea of where things stand soon. The budget committee meets next on November 29 th .

Municipal Review Committee Director – The ballot is in your packet. There is someone local finally running – Chip Reeves, the public works director in Bar Harbor.

FYI – As you may be aware, I've been involved with the volleyball program at Ellsworth High School for many years (since my daughters started playing). Next season will be the first without a child competing at that level, and it's my intention to become a volleyball official. The schedule will be pretty much the same as baseball in the spring, but games are a bit earlier than basketball in the winter. It should not present any conflict here in the office, but by policy I am to let you know of outside “jobs”, though this is more of a hobby that pays a little bit.

I've also put the November and December internal calendar in your packet. Basketball season starts soon and while I don't know where games are yet, I do know some “whens”.

See you on Thursday!