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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of December 2, 2010

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Both our daughters were home for the holiday and we got to share some good family time. All appears to be going well at the town office though it's been a little bit slow this week. Your agenda is relatively light again as well.

Minutes All written corrections are greatly appreciated.

Warrant 11 Even this is a bit light so far, but the firefighter stipends will be added next week, and that will lengthen out the warrant quite a bit. There will be a $54 payment to me as treasurer for preparation of the foreclosure notices, as well as the normal payroll.

Cash & Budget Report Nothing unusual here as well that I can see.

Checking Account Reconciliation The month ends on Tuesday, I hope to do the reconciliation on Wednesday and have it ready for you on Thursday.

Automatic Foreclosure Notices A list of those who've not paid their 2008/09 taxes and balances is in your packet. Certified mail to the taxpayers and the mortgage / other lien holders was sent out on Monday of this week which began the statutory notice period. The automatic foreclosure date is January 5, 2011.

Needles Eye Road Tree Trim Bids These are due on the day of the meeting. I've mailed out several, but have not received any back at this time.

Cemeteries Correspondence from the Mosley family is in your packets as well as my first response and a report and pictures of the site. I hope to have some opinion from MMA Legal on what, if any, responsibilities we have for this site.

Marlboro Cemetery Skip Smith is apparently in charge of what loose cemetery association there is. He's agreed to come to the meeting to discuss the future of this cemetery. We hold some of the funds.

Interest Distribution Both Forest Hill and East Lamoine Cemetery have accumulated about $300 worth of interest in the investment management accounts. Those payments will be on warrant 11. We don't have any formal policy for distributing this income it's been an occasional payment when the income level reaches a certain level that the interest is paid to the cemetery associations.

Holiday Hours The following holiday hours are proposed around Christmas and New Year's Day:

Transfer Station Closed 12/24 and 12/25, open 8am to 5pm Sunday 12/26 and 8am to 5PM Monday, 12/27

Open 12/31/10 12-5 (Friday), Closed 1/1/11 (Saturday), Open 1/2/11 (Sunday) 8am to 5PM.

Town Hall Closed Friday 12/24/10 (State Holiday observed). Closed Saturday 12/25/10 Jennifer is taking the week of 12/27/10 off, so the office will be closing from 11:30 to 12:30 daily for lunch

Closed Friday 12/31/10 (State Holiday observed). Closed 1/1/11.

Job Descriptions You were supplied a draft of the new general policies and new job descriptions. I have also supplied those drafts to the appointed employees and board chairs for comment. Edits would be greatly appreciated.

Budget Matters The budget material for Monday's Budget Committee meeting is in your packets. We've received the Parks Budget since then, and several of the social service / outside agency budgets have come in as well.

Next Meetings Jo asked to discuss the agenda for the joint meeting with the Planning Board. I have now been scheduled to referee that evening, and won't likely be leaving Blue Hill until approximately 6:45 PM, so I will be there, but late.

That is all we have for the agenda at this point. See you next week.