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For Meeting of December 16, 2010

You have a very busy week coming up! Budget Committee is Monday the 13th at 6:30 PM . Your joint meeting with the Planning Board is Tuesday the 14th at 6:30 PM. This meeting starts at 7:00 PM .

The agenda for the Budget Committee is very long, the discussion with the Planning Board on business development issues also has the potential to run long, and this agenda is not short! I guess the last 3-short meetings may have caught up with the Board.

Minutes – Written corrections please – even though it was a short meeting, there was a lot done.

Warrant 12 – This will be a sizeable warrant as the school bill is on here. A snow plowing bill is also likely. We'll have to move about $160,000 from investments to the checking account to cover the checks.

Cash & Budget Report – I don't expect anything out of the ordinary. As noted last meeting, excise tax has now fallen behind the budget, but that was expected. We are about $5,000 ahead of last year at the same time, which is very good news.

Foreclosure Notices – I sent out Foreclosure notices as required by statute in November. The current list is enclosed in your packet. We will be acquiring one property for non-payment of taxes – it's an unbuildable subdivision lot in Wayne Wright's subdivision on Partridge Cove Estates. I spoke with Wayne recently, and because the property is in someone else's name and they've not signed the deed back over to him, he's of the mind that the town acquire it. This might be an issue to discuss in January, as the configuration of the subdivision has changed from the deed description, and this could wind up in all sorts of legal difficulties, but nothing that can't be fixed.

Cash Flow – At the request of our investment management manager, a cash flow report has been prepared. They are looking to invest a bit more aggressively (but safely) to maximize investment interest.

Notice from IRS – We got a notice this week from the IRS that the wrong form had been filed on the last fire truck loan. In checking back through the records, this form was provided to us by bond counsel Mike Trainor. I spoke with Mike, and he's going to take care of it. In his words, this is whacky! He advocated that we contact our Congressman/Senators to bring to their attention that there actually is someone working at the IRS on a whacky process like this – he sees it as a colossal waste of money. I told him I would check to see if the Board was inclined to make that communication.

MSW Transport Bids – A number of companies have requested bid packages, and I suspect we'll have several submissions by the deadline. If past experience is any measure, I suspect we'll have to do some analysis on the bids before any award.

Meet with homeowners re: landfill/well testing – I have written to the folks whose wells we test, and a specific letter to the one the DEP is suggesting should have a filter system inviting them to this meeting and to contact me with questions for the DEP. I'll stick the letter from the DEP and report in your packets again.

Assessors – Legal Representation – I sent a copy of an e-mail from Tony Beardsley to the Board last weekend. The Assessors are likely to end up before the Board of Property Tax Review in Augusta again on the tree growth matters. They will attend your meeting to discuss the need for legal representation.

Small Animal Clinic Contract – We're required by law to designate a shelter – we've had a contract with Dr. Toothaker for many years. The Humane Society is not an option. A copy of the proposed contract is in your packet.

Road Sign Requests – In the past week, two citizens have come in to request advisory signs. The Shore Road request is on the corner by Deer Run for a series of “chevrons” to indicate the sharp bend in the road. The Marlboro Beach Road request is for a sign at the intersection with Raccoon Cove Road to indicate the road does not proceed straight. I'm not privy to all police accident reports, but in 24-years as a firefighter, we've not responded to any accidents at either location caused by the lack of signage at either area. The person requesting the Marlboro Beach Road sign told me that a vehicle went straight through the intersection and into the trees, but left without reporting the mishap to law enforcement.

Transfer Station Reconfiguration – Pine Tree / Casella has been extremely helpful in reconfiguring the setup at the transfer station, moving the recycling roll-offs to the cement pad and the cardboard containers next to the outhouse. It looks good, and gives a place to put the snow. Bill was going to see if Richard McMullen could use his loader to smooth out the shoulders of the paved road a bit.

Snow Blower – Bill has requested to look into the possibility of a snow blower. I've asked him to get prices. This makes a lot of sense from a worker safety standpoint – more efficient and less stressful than a snow shovel. We're down significantly on PERC charges this year, so it might be affordable.

HHW Day – The bill for Acadia Disposal District is on the warrant – a bit higher than projected, but we had a lot of folks take their stuff to MDI HS on collection date. A report from the district is also in your packets.

Meeting Follow Ups – There is likely to be some discussion following the Budget and Planning Board meetings. Just a reminder that I'll be late to the Planning Board meeting.

Job Descriptions/Office Policy – The edits given last meeting were for contracts. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a look at the draft job descriptions and the draft revised policy and we could get this wrapped up in January or early February.

Town Report – I was playing the other day with cover ideas for the town report, and though maybe a compilation of things might be appropriate this year. I was actually quite surprised at what major things have taken place this year, and chose the pictures that depicted those accomplishments. Take a look (I'll try to print it in color).

Dedication – For the past several years we've dedicated the report in memory of key people who've passed away. I'm thinking Dick King and Fred Hutchinson for this year's report.

Citizen of the Year – This will be the 3 rd year for this award. Jay & Perry Fowler were year 1, Reggie McDevitt last year. Any thoughts on the 2010 award? Bring them with you.

Printer – I've been very pleased with X-Press copy in Portland which has printed the reports for the past two years. If they can keep the price close to the previous versions, would you like to use them again?

Lamoine Quarterly – While things have been a bit on the slow side customer service wise, that has given me time to get the Quarterly going. I should have a pretty good chunk of it done by meeting night.

Next Meetings – The schedule is on the agenda.

See you Monday, late on Tuesday, and on Thursday. Then it'll be time for a break! Jennifer is taking vacation the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. I'm hoping to take a couple of days off the week before that (Thursday & Friday).