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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of July 8, 2010

I don't know about you, but the last two months have been exhausting. It sure has been nice to have a 3-week break between meetings! Don't forget, this next meeting is at the fire station. If it's not raining, we'll have it in the truck bays downstairs, if it's raining and the trucks shouldn't be outside, we'll have to have it upstairs. I will set up the TV cameras to record the meeting, and probably bring my PA system to amplify things because the sound downstairs is hard to hear more than a few feet away.

Minutes – Please look over the June 17th minutes as usual. They're relatively short as it was a relatively short public session.

Warrant 26 – Thank you all for signing the warrant, as this allowed payment of some bills that were due. I've put a copy of the signed warrant in the packet.

Warrant 27 – This will clean up some of the fiscal year end bills. We finally got a bill from Atlantic Awards for the Citizen of the Year plaques, so that will be on here, as will the payables for motor vehicles, fish and wildlife etc. The ballot clerk pay for 6/29 will be on here, some final mileage checks for Jennifer and myself. This should be a very small warrant.

Warrant 1 – This is the first warrant of FY 2011 which generally includes some dues, the checks to the outside agencies, and other one-time payments. It too should be relatively small.

Cash & Budget Report – This will be for FY 2010 as the FY 2011 report will be relatively meaningless. The Assessors do plan to have the tax commitment done in time for this meeting, so you should know the property tax rate by then.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This should be done by Thursday afternoon 7/1/10, if not by Friday and in your packet.

Encumbrance Order(s) – I will do these up based on what road projects are left to be done, and the park kiosks. There are no administrative projects that I know of left, everything would be an account payable. It's my hope to have this order in your packet, but it might not be. For those not familiar, an encumbrance is a project that was funded and approved but not yet completed. It allows the funding not to lapse into a particular fund and to be recorded as an expense in the year it was approved.

Contracts – I've sent out contracts to the employees as listed. Thus far, only one has come back signed.

FOAA Training – In your packets are the required Freedom of Access training documents. The Assessors also need to complete these. This is the right to know law and by statute you are required to be “trained” and have a record on file. This includes each time you are elected to office, so we may be a bit behind on some. Please let me know if you have questions about the requirements of the FOAA, I'm fairly well versed in it.

Resignation – As you may have gathered from the Quarterly, Jon Morren is resigning as our representative to RSU 24 effective 8/31/10. You get to appoint an interim between 9/1/10 and 11/2/10, and the nomination process would start for an election on 11/2/10 (this would be the same day as the Governor's election, and the advisory vote on town meeting format). Jon's letter is in your packet.

LSAC Appointments – You've received two e-mails of interest in appointment thus far.

Abatement Updates (Info Only) – You've been copied by Jensen/Baird, the attorneys for Old Point, Inc. on their abatement request filed with both the Hancock County Commissioners and the State Board of Property Tax Review. There are no actions for you to take, but legal representation is a possibility.

Request for Development of a Dog Waste Control Ordinance – Roberta Lynk asked that this be placed before you for consideration. She is concerned that dogs on the clam flats are producing enough waste to contaminate the flats and proposes that the town regulate such activity. In searching the resource library of the Maine Town and City Management Association, I could only find one municipality that has such ordinance language, the City of Bangor. The item is on here for discussion.

Damage Estimate Reduction Request – There is a letter from the mother of the young man who broke the town office window last spring asking if the estimate and resulting restitution could be reduced since we do not intend to replace the damaged flooring at this time. I've written back to her to say I would run it by you. The estimate (pure guess) was $150 for that damage. Bill might have more insight on this, since he's in the flooring business.

Debt Service Factor Vote – The question passed 163 to 136. I've sent a copy of the certification to Superintendent Webster

Excess Tuition – Tax Commitment – I spoke to David Bridgham about this and he said they would work with the town. I plan to follow up. I'll also ask if someone can meet with the Selectmen at this meeting. We received the school commitment the day after your last meeting, which obviously did not include that excess tuition amount. He seemed to be of the opinion that it shouldn't be a problem with back billing the tuition into the school tax commitment each year.

Road Name – Lightning Point Ln. – This is off Seal Point Road, and a building permit was just approved for a 2 nd house on the road. Apparently both residents have agreed this would be a fine name.

Meeting Schedule – This is the schedule you set out on the 17 th . I am in hopes that you can stick to the once a month plans for the summer!