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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of April 1, 2010

There is a certain irony about meeting on April Fool's Day, but that's just how the Thursday worked out. I'm not sure what kind of crowd you'll have for the meeting, but it starts out with the informational hearings on the various ordinances the town meeting will consider the Wednesday following. The rest is relatively routine.

The Flat Top 5K Race is this Saturday morning, so there may be a lot of people in town for that if the weather is decent.

And good news on the TV front – I think we've figured out how to work the on-air light. I'm giving it a test drive on Thursday the 25th for the school meeting.

Informational Meeting – The notices have been posted in the usual spots, it's on the website and the TV channel, and I will e-mail it on Monday (or sooner). Copies of the proposed ordinance changes are in your packet.

CEO/Planning Board Meeting – Most of the Planning Board is unable to attend, however there will be one rep there for the Info hearing. I'm not sure of Dennis' schedule and will check with him on Tuesday. April had been the month designated for their meeting with you – I'm thinking it could be rescheduled for after town meeting.

Minutes – Please look them over. After printing, I found some errors which have been corrected, but instead of killing another tree, I'll wait for your corrections.

Warrant 19 – The copier will be on here. There are a couple of bills from Gilman Electric – one for a new light fixture for the south side of the building – that is failing. Noel Dechar will wire that in, as well as a network outlet for the new copier. Right now we have a temporary line running to the clerk's office. It works, but it's not the best arrangement. The General Store bill is for pizza and sodas for the town office staff as we had the first staff meeting/training session I've ever held. It was a very productive 2-hours.

Cash & Budget - I don't expect any significant trend changes. I will run that later today (Wednesday).

Excise Tax Report – I won't have that done until meeting night, as the quarter ends on 3/31/10, however the 1st two months of 2010 looked promising compared to last year. We're still behind budget.

Snow Contract – I want to run the first draft of the contract by you before making any offers to Richard. I've plugged his figures in and haven't changed any language that was in the contract at this point.

FOIA Request – Apparently you as individuals received another certified letter from Mr. Sharkey. From my conversation with Gary on the telephone Tuesday, it's still not clear exactly what he is requesting.

Property Tax Review Board Decision – A copy of the state's decision is in your packet. This should help answer some of the questions you had about the request from the Board of Assessors to consult an attorney.

Letter to Richard Brey – A draft of the letter to Mr. Brey is in your packets in response to his request that work be done on the boat ramp at Lamoine State Park.

Tree Removal Policy – The fire chief, road commissioner and I (local EMA director) have signed the final version of the policy. It awaits approval from the Selectmen.

Town Meeting – I'll have a certificate for the Citizen of the Year to sign – we'll get the plaque done later. I don't know of any more issues for the meeting.

Referendum vs. Open Meeting – The survey questions from Cynthia are a great starting point. I've formatted those in a fancier presentation and added some options, but look forward to more input from the Board on this. I understand the plan still is to present this survey to voters at the June 8, 2010 primary/RSU Validation vote.

I had mentioned in the proposed process that this might become an additional topic at the facilitated meeting. Is that a desire?

Verizon Tower – I received a call Tuesday from the tower folks who were concerned about posted roads because they want to get going on the construction. I told them they could use the unposted route. Expect to see the tower going up next week! I have copied the pertinent section of the contract for your packets in regard to lease payments and the remedy for not receiving them. I'm thinking a phone call might be effective.

Facilitated Meeting – I've spoken with Ron Beard at U-Maine Cooperative Extension and he is willing to facilitate this meeting in regard to business development. Obviously he would like to see what it is we hope to accomplish, and I will work on those questions for your packet. The tentative date is May 20 th at the school.

Lamoine Quarterly – The April edition is in your packet (provided I finish up this week). I would like to have edits done before your meeting so we can publish it ASAP before town meeting.

Meeting Schedule – This is the final meeting for the 2009/10 edition of the Board. The next meeting comes at 5:30 PM on 4/15/10 for selecting a chair, signing a warrant and the annual policies. You agreed to meet on 4/29/10, and not on 5/6/10. That would leave 5/13/10, plus the facilitated meeting on 5/20/10. You should probably meet on 5/27/10 as well for your 2 nd regular meeting in May, and perhaps switch back to the 1st and 3rd Thursdays in June? From a selfish standpoint of scheduling so that I don't have any baseball umpiring conflicts, I'd like to solidify the schedule through June.

Other Matters Not on the Agenda


That's it for now. See you on Thursday the 1st .