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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of May 27, 2010

The good news is the agenda is a lot shorter than the last regular meeting. I'm in hopes the length of the meeting might be shorter too.

My hope is to have this ready to give to you at the special meeting on the 20th .

Minutes The minutes of May 13th are 10-pages long. Please do your usual stellar editing job. The May 20th minutes will be a page or less long. Obviously, since this is May 19th when I'm writing, you haven't met yet.

Warrant 23 This is also a lot smaller (so far) than last meeting no school bill. The town hall sign will be put on here. Gary Saunders has delivered the sign, and we'll make adjustments, as the product did not include space for lettering. A separate lettering area will be added to the post.

Cash & Budget Expenditures are tracking well in the budgets that generally follow the percentage of the year passed. We're going to be tight on administration I plan to order envelopes for the tax bills prior to July 1 st so we'll be ready to mail them in early July. That's an expense I had not budgeted for in the current fiscal year. We don't have any bill for property appraisals yet those will happen next week. Revenues are still off in excise tax, but that has started to pick up in recent days. Interest income is still well below projections.

Fire Chief Skip wants to bring you into the loop on plans to install a clean water tank at the fire station. I've also placed a tree removal item on here. It involves the trees between the fire station and the abutting property which are dead or dying and keep falling onto the buildings. I've asked a couple folks for estimates the lowest thus far is $1,200.

Premium Choice Meeting Bill Varney said he would come meet with you at this meeting in regard to his wireless Internet provider company and the opposition they've filed in the Axiom ConnectME grant. I suspect you'll have some questions for him.

Job Descriptions These were placed in your material last Thursday and I've reprinted them for this meeting.

Special Town Meeting Issues You will have signed the referendum vote on the MDI Debt Service Factor on the 20th . Now begins the tough stuff. The public hearing will be on June 14, 2010. You've expressed a desire for as much information to be presented as possible. As I've cautioned via e-mail last week, the information from the town office should not advocate one side over the other, and with an issue like this, it's difficult at best to keep away from the perception of a stance by the town office staff. You, as individual Selectmen, may campaign however you wish on this matter, but utilizing town resources (i.e. time, photocopying) for a particular political stance would be poor policy.

Safe Routes to School Jo is arranging for a meeting on this, probably the same day as your meeting, only early in the day.

Town Meeting Format Survey This will be the next to last meeting prior to June 8 th . Last chance for changes.

Goals Review I've reprinted the goals discussed a couple of meetings ago for your review.

Next Meetings This might actually be a tough issue. Initially, we had planned to meet on June 3, and that information was conveyed to the RSU 24 office, so Superintendent Webster will be here to explain the school budget. The budget vote is the night before this meeting, and the validation is on June 8 th . I've put a memo from the Superintendent in your packet.

2-weeks from that would put the schedule back on the 1st & rd Thursdays as we'd been advertising, so that would be the 17th .

July 1 is just after the close of the fiscal year. Good time to reappoint folks. July 15th is mid-July. August, the middle of the month would be about the 12th giving you 3-weeks between meetings, and then September 2nd would be another 3-week span. Let's discuss it anyway.

See you next week!