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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of November 4, 2010

Pre Election Day greetings for the post Election Day meeting. As you'll note, the agenda is relatively light, which to me will be a blessing as I anticipate a very long night on Tuesday the 2nd. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the many races both locally, statewide, and nationally, not to mention the advisory question we have locally There have already been well over 100 absentee ballots cast far fewer than in 2008, but still a significant number.

As you'll recall, Jo will be unable to attend the meeting due to a work conflict, so I would suggest that Dick chair the meeting as the most senior board member.

Minutes The minutes of the last meeting are enclosed for your reading pleasure. Written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 9 Nothing terribly large on here at this point the sand bill from Goodwin is for winter plowing and will be deducted from Richard's next bill same with the salt bill from Cargill. The bill from Forest Hill Cemetery is for care of the Veterans' lots. There will be a payroll, and the ballot clerk's pay will be added on Thursday morning the 4 th as a separate payroll item.

Cash & Budget Report I'm pleased to report we made it through October without having to touch the investment management accounts! We will have to draw those down for the 2 nd warrant in November to cover the school bill.

Checking Account Reconciliation I hope to do that up during Election Day and it will be ready for Thursday evening. The month ends on Sunday

Settlement re: improperly disposed of MSW @ Transfer Station Since the meeting where you agreed with the methodology for a penalty to Rusty I have sent a copy of the signed version to him asking that he sign and return it. I've not heard anything since. The question is how we wish to proceed.

Election Results Town Meeting Format Question/Town Meeting Date As mentioned above, I am curious to see the results on this question. Given that, the board should also set, sooner than later, the date for the annual town meeting in 2011. If it is to be the usual date (April 5 & 6, 2011), we need to have that in place so that nomination papers can be available in January. It would also be helpful for planning purposes to know when you wish to call for the meeting. If you wish to wait for the full board to be present, that would be fine, but definitely by the 18th of November!

Hancock County Planning Commission Support I've put the requests from the HCPC in your packet and will draft up the letters for your signature. It obligates us to nothing, but has the potential to offer a very good service, Building Inspector Training, locally.

Seibel vs. Code Enforcement Officer I've contacted Tony Beardsley and gotten the paper work to him on this. The Appeals Board gave Mr. Seibel 45-days to appeal to Superior Court, but only until October 15, 2010 (15 days) to remove the offending deck. Tony advised he would sit tight until the passage of the Superior Court date.

Policy Manual One of the goals set for the year was an update of the policy manual. I'm pleased to report that the general policy update is ready in draft form, and the job descriptions are coming along fairly well. This is a fairly labor intensive process, both for you and for me, but with a draft down, there is a good starting point for editing, and I'm in hopes that you can have something in place by the end of the year that brings things up to date. A copy of the current general policy is also enclosed for comparison the re-write is so extensive, it basically started over.

Budget workshop I do not yet have budget proposals from the Road Commissioner and Planning Board, but do have Code Enforcement and Cable TV. There were a couple of items the Budget Committee recommended addressing the pay scale for the transfer station, and health insurance coverage. My intent is to contact MMA's Risk Pool again to clarify what the cost would be to join vs. what it costs to continue with the way we're doing things now. I hope to have that done by your meeting date.

We will see you on Thursday!