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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 7, 2011

Happy Spring! Now, if it would only warm up…..

Sorry about the length of the agenda. Jo and Cynthia will not be in attendance at the meeting, so some of this probably should be tabled for the full board. I'm pleased to report that the Cable TV rewiring project is well under way. They've started to install a new circuit breaker box in the CTV room and that should help clear up the picture. Once the outlets are installed, the equipment can be shuffled around.

Minutes – The March 17th minutes are pretty short, as was the meeting. Please make sure the minutes are accurate.

Warrant 19 – There will be two payrolls on here thanks to the 3-week span between meetings. The biggest bill will be the plowing bill. The bill for Trenton Marketplace was for food for the fishing derby the Parks Commission ran. The income well exceeded the cost. Lots of little bills on here, but nothing unusual.

Cash & Budget Report – We're 75% of the way through the fiscal year, and the total budget is 71.9% spent, with the town portion only 57.43% spent. No spending red flags stand out. Revenue is 94.8% collected, but excise taxes and investment interest remain behind projection.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This will be done on Friday, April 1 st , and should be ready for your packets.

Excise Tax Quarterly Report – We're seeing more registration activity, and the number of pre-printed forms for April and May takes quite a jump. There has been a lot of rapid renewal activity as well. Expect things to pick up for the final quarter.

MMHT Paperwork – There are some forms to fill out to get going with the MMA health insurance program for the town clerk. Copies will be in your packet. Target date to get enrolled is 7/1/11 – some withholdings will likely have to start prior to that date.

Boston Post Cane – Jennie Neleski passed away in March at age 102. She had held the cane since 2005. Next in line is Merrill Boynton. The question to the board is how to properly present the cane to him, or do we wish to display the cane at the town hall and hang a certificate here indicating that he would be the holder and give him a certificate indicating the same. I've always had a concern, and it has not been born out, that the holder would pass away, and the cane would be lost amongst their belongings.

Solid Waste – Improper Dumping - There is a memo from the transfer station manager in regard to this. Also in your packet is the paper work from the last time we dealt with this hauler and issue. I've not spoken with the alleged violator about this and would like any action to be a board action.

PERC Tracking – There is a memo in your packet about this as well. I'm concerned with the significant increase in trash this quarter.

State Solid Waste Report – The final report shows a significant decrease in recycling rate due to the new cardboard calculation. We're down to 18% recycling from 32%. Previous years had been inflated by the former loose cardboard calculation.

Returnables - The Historical Society has requested the returnable proceeds again. There are no other requests, and April is not yet spoken for. This will be the 3 rd time in about a year the Historical Society has requested the funds.

Water Testing – A proposed contract for the dump monitoring well testing from the folks we've used for several years is in the packet. I'm also in the process of pricing out the residential monitoring tests with five firms identified by the DEP – we have heard back from 3 of the 5 already and I'll let you know what costs we're facing.

Filter Update – The homeowner has yet to send the agreement back for the consumable reimbursement. I'm not sure if there is anything wrong yet.

Recycling Destination – Representatives from the City of Ellsworth visited our transfer station last week. An offer from them should be forthcoming soon so that we can compare prices with Coastal Recycling and determine with Pine Tree Waste where the material will go.

Planning Board Matters – Amended Ordinances – This has chewed up a lot of paper, as a lot of ordinances were changes at Town Meeting. They're in your packet. Jo and Cynthia should sign at their convenience as the signed version is the official file copy.

Ordinance Fee Schedule – You asked the Planning Board for input on the fee schedule. A memo of the current fees was prepared for them, and a copy is in your packet.

Zoning Change Request – The gentleman who originally requested this change has changed his mind as far as location of the proposed shop, and it would be located in the RAZ. I've asked the Planning Board to keep this on their agenda for April 5 th for discussion purposes to see if they have any desire to look at a zoning change in this area as the Selectmen have discussed for some time. I spoke with chair John Holt today after indicating that I intend to attend their next meeting. He asked if I was representing the Selectmen or as a concerned citizen. I said I wasn't sure, as there has been no official position taken by the Board of Selectmen on this matter. I said my interest was just to start a dialogue on the proposed zone change to see if it is something the Planning Board might wish to pursue.

Seibel Update – Mr. Seibel's letter back to the town attorney is in your packet. Time for another decision on enforcement.

Goodwin Update (If any) - The communication to the town attorney was made following the first meeting in March. So far, nothing back. I'll ask him for an update prior to the Planning Board meeting next Tuesday.

Projects/Bids Sweeping Bid – ‘Tis the season. With your permission, we'll send out bids for sweeping based on the previous year with bids due by 4/21/11.

Town Office Entrance Overhang – We should probably develop specifications for this project which is funded in the 2011/12 budget. I would like to get this done in the summer if possible. Any thoughts?

Bloomfield Park Privy – The Parks Commission is eager to get started (as is Richard McMullen). I've called Bill LaBelle for a site design and wait to hear back from him.

Appointments – Due to the death of Reggie McDevitt, there are openings on the Budget Committee and Appeals Board. Kathy DeFusco has indicated she would like to be considered a full member of the Budget Committee, therefore I've advertised for an alternate position. Gary's wife, Debbie, has offered her services. You also have Mr. VanAmringe from Shore Road who was interested in either the Conservation Commission or possibly Budget Committee (his resume is quite impressive). The ads were just posted today, so there may be others interested as well.

General Policy & Job Description Editing – Bill had several edits to put into the various documents. One major item, pointed out by both Cynthia and Bill, is that the general policy does not contain an indication of insurance coverage for full time employees. That will be built into the general policy, unless there is some objection. These edits should be done for the April 21st meeting.

Lamoine Quarterly – It's ready to go. I'll send it by e-mail well prior to the meeting, and if enough of you say OK, it'll be published prior to the meeting.

That's it for now. I hope we're back to full strength for the 21st .