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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 21, 2011

I have to admit, the crocuses in the garden out front make me smile lately. I think our long winter has finally come to an end. Baseball season has started for me (the latest internal calendar has the schedule so far, and it's in your packet). You've got a busy agenda for the 21st .

Boston Post Cane I tried calling Mr. Boynton the other day but go no answer. I've written to him and hope that he can attend to receive the cane and a certificate. A copy of the letter is in your packet.

Minutes It's a fairly long set. Thanks in advance for the thorough review and written corrections.

Warrant 20 As of Wednesday morning the 13 th , only five items, but one is the school which makes up most of the $175,916. The $85.00 is for the card swipe machine which allows us to take debit and credit cards. We've had two transactions using it thus far with good success. Should have the deposit in the bank tomorrow.

Cash & Budget Report I don't see any red flags here.

Investment Report This is in your packet and also on the website

Hodgkins Trust The summary page is in your packet and on the website.

Health Insurance The only thing left for the Board to do is to pick a plan and determine what percentage the town will pick up. The cost summary is in your packet.

Illegal dumping complaint A letter to the alleged violator is in your packet. I'm not sure if he will show.

PERC Tonnage Update I should have something to report by meeting time. I've not heard back from Pine Tree Waste at this point.

Recycling Contracts It's my plan to put together a draft contract, similar to the current contract and based on Pine Tree's bid. I want to meet with their sales rep first and discuss cardboard and office paper.

Returnable Requests The Parks Commission has submitted numerous requests to capture the returnables in months that are not previously spoken for. There is no one for May.

Contracts Sweeping bids were sent out. We should have bids back by the 21st . One has already come in.

Richard McMullen has proposed keeping prices the same for lawn care. His letter is in your packet and I'll outline what the prices are in a separate memo.

The privy at Bloomfield Park paperwork is well under way. The site evaluator has staked things out; the surveyor will have set the 100' stake and certified that. I will fill out a permit application for the CEO, and once it's approved, Richard can get going on construction. The Parks Commission intends to paint the facility itself.

I spoke with Kermit Theall this week, and he will look at the overhang and make some spec suggestions.

The Cable TV room project is plodding along. The equipment has been moved to its final locations and the electrical and internet wiring is done. The audio / visual cables will be redone to get rid of the interference noise they're just waiting for the cable parts.

Agency Liquor Store In response to an e-mail inquiry, I prepared a memo in regard to the process for one to request local approval for an agency liquor store. It is in your packet.

Public Hearing Date Gully Brook Road Closure winter maintenance closures last 10-years max; it is time to renew the Gully Brook Road winter closure. I would suggest May 5, 2011 for the public hearing and will have an order ready for signature.

CTV Proposal A separate memo is in your packet suggesting a paid person to oversee the Cable TV operation, paid through the CTV franchise fees.

Appointments - I've spoken with the gentleman who was interested in service to the town and he is agreeable to either position. Another person has contacted me in regard to openings, but has yet to say if she's willing to be considered. I'll put it all in a memo for your packets.

Policies The general policy and job descriptions are finally ready for approval. I added one more thing to the general policy; that being a definition of conflict of interest, since one section of the policy referred to the definition which had not existed yet. A couple of grammar changes were also made to the policy. Give it one last look, and if there are any glaring errors that need correction, please let me know prior to the meeting so a signature copy can be ready.

Hazard Communications Policy We're supposed to have one here at the town office, and I've lifted the language from the fire station program, along with a list of chemicals we have stored here. This is for review at this time if there are changes, let me know, and we could probably finalize this for the next meeting. Several other required policies and programs will be coming in the next few weeks.

Ordinance Fee Workshop Date I've sent a memo to the Planning Board and Assessors which is in your packet asking them to set a date. Mike Jordan suggested that the Selectmen set a date instead and he will show up.

Personnel Review Schedule We generally do job performance reviews and contracts at this time of year. I'll list out who gets reviewed, who potentially could be reviewed if you wish, and we could set a schedule.

Next Meetings July and August dates could be set, maybe.

That's it as of Wednesday. See you on the 21st .