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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 30, 2011

Happy New Fiscal Year in advance. This will be your last meeting of the year, and I apologize for the length of the agenda.

Minutes Look over last meeting they're relatively short as most of the meeting was in executive session.

Warrant 25 The remainders of the contracted employee contracts are part of the payroll mine is the only unusually high one as my contract is divided into 27-payments which usually means a double payment at the end of the fiscal year. The bill for Richard McMullen was for work done in May, long before the order you signed last meeting on parks. There will be some other bills on here as well, including mileage at the end of the year. Because the month ends on the 30 th and some state payments are due, those will not be on here because there will not be sufficient time to prepare those reports prior to the meeting.

Warrant 1 Since you will not meet until July 14 th , I'll prepare a warrant 1 as well with the donation and one time payments, the ambulance contract, the RCC payment, and other relatively small stuff for which we have the money.

Cash & Budget Report We're still down $10,000 in excise taxes, which is not unexpected. The trend of big excise tax days did not continue, though business should pick up toward the end of the month. We actually did better on Revenue Sharing the deposit of $3,760.84 for June is not reflected in the report. On the overall revenue side, we're above budget. On the overall expenditure side, we're well below budget because paving has not taken place yet. Parks and Cable TV are the only lines over expended, and CTV revenue was way over budget, so we're more than fine there.

Encumbrance The three things that come to mind for encumbrances are Asa's Lane Paving, the Parking Lot paving project, and the fire department's air pack purchase. I'll draw up an order for Thursday.

Projected Property Tax Rate 2011/12 Doing a quick calculation based on the town, school and county budget and presuming no significant increase in valuation, the property tax rate for the coming fiscal year should remain at 9.6 mills, and that's with a healthy overlay, although less of one than the current fiscal year.

Mileage Reimbursement Rate The mileage rate hybrid would increase by one cent for FY 11/12 to 48-cents/mile. The policy signature document will be ready for signature.

Personnel Appointments Several vacancies are listed on the agenda and I don't have names yet to fill in for those slots officially. The Road Commissioner post should be filled and I'm willing to be appointed to that post for now. The other deputy posts can remain unfilled for now pending a discussion on how to advertise for the positions. The chair of the Conservation Commission is checking to see if the present Alternate Members wish to be considered for full membership.

Resignation As noted via e-mail last week, Mike is resigning his appointed positions, though remaining in the elected position as Assessor. His appointments as Deputy CEO/BI/LPI and Road Commissioner expire on the meeting night anyway. The only slot he holds would be the Alternate Planning Board member. You'll note in the executive session section that an exit interview is slated.

Commendations I'll have some certificates done up for Fred and David for their service on the Conservation Commission, as well as for Merle Bragdon on the Board of Appeals.

Special Town Meeting Date Dick mentioned something about needing to amend the Shellfish Ordinance in September. I would propose something like September 13 th (a Tuesday) for a special meeting. Among the items:

Pine Tree Waste Agreement I hope to have PTW's signed copy ready for your signature, since the current one expires on June 30 th .

Town Hall Projects Bids The bids are due on the overhang, bulletin board and trim painting that afternoon. Not a lot of interest so far.

CTV Franchise An e-mail sent to my home is in your packet for review.

Contracts Dennis has one concern in his contract over the job description. Jennifer has a copy of her proposed contract We've not discussed much about this.

Quarterly That'll be my project for next week. The front page is kinda done.

Executive Session I've written to both candidates for the CTV Ops manager job. One says she will be here around 8PM due to a work conflict. I've not heard anything from the other.

You'll have my performance review; sheets will be in your packet.

The exit interview matter I referred to earlier.