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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 1, 2011

You are getting this packet early, as I will be on vacation the week of August 22 nd , and therefore won't be preparing a packet for that week. The agenda is relatively short, but there is some important stuff on there.

I will work the morning of the 22 nd to do payroll, since it's a pay week, but we'll be delivering a daughter to college in VT later in the week, so I will not be around. Jennifer will have the office closed at lunch time that week.

Addendum Expect one, as I have no idea what will transpire between now and then.

Minutes Please look them over while the meeting is still fresh in all of our minds. Written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 5 This should not be all that large all the big bills were on warrant 4. If all goes well, there will be a sizable payment to the First Advisors for investment as property taxes are due the day before your meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports We got the 2nd quarter check in from the Municipal Review Committee, so the solid waste expenditures have dropped another $3,000 for the last fiscal year. I do not expect any more expenses or revenues in, so the FY 2011 report in your packet should be final. My plan is to start to close out the books in early September.

The July interest statement came in today (8/16) and it was a good month for investment interest! Revenues should look pretty good, and expenses will start to track better now that the one time expenses are behind us.

Checking Account Reconciliation Realistically, don't expect one for 9/1 as I'll be playing catch up and doing the month-end reports that morning as a top priority. I'll do my best to get this done.

Tax Collector Settlement FY 2003/04 We've received the personal property tax payment in full from the final unpaid bill for this fiscal year. I will prepare a settlement statement ( I believe the taxes were recommitted to me to collect).

Meeting with Parks Commission I've asked Kerry to come to the meeting to discuss the various items on the budget. I hope other members of the commission might show as well. I've also met with Bill Fennelly so that I can try to understand what it is he's upset about. I'll try to make a logical summary for you.

The area on the shoulder of the dirt road access to Marlboro Beach is eroding badly in some spots, looks like tidal action to me. Not sure what we should do about that. I'll take some pictures.

At least one of the picnic tables at Lamoine Beach has corroded to the point of collapse. Kerry is exploring more durable options.

Diane Sanderson is interested in posting something advising the public about kayaking safety. Obviously we don't have anyone to hand out flyers at Lamoine Beach, but she was thinking about some sort of signage.

Roads You should have a work list by August 18th (in your packet) if all goes well on the 17th .

Celtic Drive Tom & Molly Collins are building a new residence which will enter off their existing driveway. This will necessitate a road name and numbering. Tom has suggested Celtic Drive

Pole Permit Bangor Hydro seeks a pole permit on Marlboro Beach Road. Should not be any problem with it. Paperwork is in your packet.

Joint meeting with Hancock re: heating oil We'll know Thursday if Hancock wants to proceed to bid with us.

Legal Cases These are on here in case there are any updates in any of the cases.

Next Meetings Remember, the 15th is the special town meeting followed by the board meeting. The rest of the list is the 1 st and 3 rd Thursdays of the month.

Road Commissioner Candidate The candidate for the job will meet with you in executive session.

See you September 1st .