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Administrative Assistant's Report for Meeting of September 15, 2011

Just a reminder that this meeting will follow the special town meeting being held at the school at 7:00 PM. It's a very short agenda, which is helpful as we prepare for the meeting and the audit, and the October Lamoine Quarterly issue.

Minutes – Written edits are most appreciated.

Warrant 6 – The school bill is on this warrant. Other than that, it's relatively small!

Cash & Budget Report – The fiscal year seems pretty strong thus far.

Investment Management Report – I notice that the bulk of the investments are in CD's and very little in money markets. This does NOT reflect the $675,000 addition to the general fund made at your last  meeting.

Audit Schedule – The auditors will be here on September 29th for the annual audit. I'll be in the process of closing out the books over the next few days.

Public Sand Policy – The policy as proposed is in your packet. Richard has already constructed the “facility” and was OK with the proposal. Once approved, we'll make up a sign to post there.

Kayak Safety Sign – I'll do up a nice thanks letter to Mr. Legere for supplying us with the sign. As noted via e-mail the sign was installed on 9/6/11. The Parks Commission is contemplating another sign for Marlboro Beach.

Budget Schedule – The Budget Committee meets on Monday the 12th and will likely set up the schedule for the 2012/13 budget then. Anyone who can attend on the 12th probably should.

Lamoine Quarterly – I've not started this yet, and hope to after the AFG grant application and audit materials are generated. You don't meet next until October 6th . My hope is to e-mail the draft by 9/29 for approval and printing around October 1st .

Next meeting dates – The schedule on the agenda shows the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.

There are no items that require an executive session that I am aware of. If something does crop up, it might be easiest to move the meeting to the town hall, instead of kicking everyone out of the gym.

See you on Thursday…….sm