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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of November 17, 2011

The town office has put in some long hours this week. Election Day saw a much larger turnout than expected (43 %!), so we called in an extra ballot clerk and I acted as the Republican Clerk to count. Wednesday I attended Tax Collectors/Treasurers' Municipal Law Class. Hadn't been for several years and it was excellent, but it was a trip to Augusta and back! We are closed for Veterans' Day, and the day off will be welcomed!

Your agenda is relatively short and the packet very thin, with auxiliary materials to be posted on the website if you care to examine.

Minutes These are in the printed packet for your review and written edits. Because most of the meeting was in executive session and workshop, the minutes are pretty short.

Warrant 10 This is a large one due to the school bill. Payroll will be on after Monday. The latest iteration of the warrant is posted on the website.

Cash & Budget Report This is updated on line as well as bills and revenues are booked.

Investment Management Report I will scan this and place it on line with the hard copy in the auxiliary folder if you wish to review it.

Hodgkins Fund Update The letter from Bar Harbor Bank & Trust is available for inspection. We received a check from the Hodgkins Trust for $10,194.31!

Demolition Debris Accounts We have two individuals with outstanding balances that have not paid their bills for several years. The balances are as follows:

Town of Lamoine

Schedule of Demolition Debris Accounts

Acct #


Weight Chg


Total Due

Date Paid


Clewley, John






Graham, Richard









The question is, how do you wish to proceed?

Foreclosure Notices Notices of impending foreclosure will be mailed to those folks who have not paid their tax liens for 2009/10. Your packet contains the list as of this writing. The list seems longer than usual.

Personal Property Tax Writeoff There is one outstanding personal property tax bill for $7.76 from 2009/10. It will cost us more to collect it than the tax that is due, and I'm not sure if the company is still in business anyway. State Statute allows you to have the tax collector write that off, and I am recommending that you do so in order to complete the tax collector's settlement for the 2009/10 tax year. I will prepare an order for the meeting. (This was discussed at the municipal law class I took yesterday, too).

Fenway Brick Update To date we've raised only $122.00 toward the $250.00 brick at Fenway Park. How do you wish to proceed?

Street Sign Thefts I copied you on the e-mail list to the Sheriff's Department. I did find the Shore Rd./Lamoine Beach Rd. signs the post had been cut down and it was laying there (possibly was hit by a vehicle). Still, we've got about 15 signs to replace, and that's not inexpensive. I should have authorization to order new ones.

Request Heating Assistance Fund Cece Ohmart requested this be discussed. She is interested in having a fund where people can contribute to help purchase heating fuel for Lamoine residents only. We've discussed this before and the pitfalls of having a town run program like this. I'm open to discussing it again.

Town Report Cover Photo I'm starting to compose the 2011 town report, and since we have a LOT of photographers in town, I wonder if they'd be interested in submitting pictures of Lamoine scenes for the 2011 cover. Any thoughts?

Meeting Minutes Requirement I sent an e-mail to all the board chairs informing them of the change in law regarding meeting records. This was one of the things discussed at the municipal law class I took.

Meeting Date with Code Enforcement Officer Dennis would like to meet with you to discuss the salary issue, but he works on Thursday evenings. I've placed his schedule in your packet he'd prefer a Monday or Tuesday.

Budget Workshop It was a very productive Budget Committee meeting the other night. The next meeting will be the 21 st and the budget submissions for that meeting have already been distributed to you. Printed materials for the previous meeting include those and are in your packets, along with the updated budget printout. That printout contains the changes (merging flag program into Parks/Rec/Cemeteries, Planning & Appeals into CEO, listing Cable TV, Harbor, Conservation Commission and Veterans Memorial at end) that were discussed by both boards.

See you on the 17th .