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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 2, 2011

It's hard to believe we're entering the last month of the fiscal year! But then again, it's rained just about every day lately, so summer has been slow to catch on. Your agenda looks relatively uneventful.

Minutes – As you can see I did not detail the discussion about the ordinance fees – the order will speak for itself. Look over the rest of the minutes for accuracy.

Warrant 23 – Nothing out of the ordinary here. There is a payment to Brett Jones to reimburse for a new security system for the fire station. That has been purchased and is in the process of being installed.

Cash & Budget Report – Going into the last month of the year, things still look to be under budget for expenses. Excise revenues continue to pick up. We'll end the fiscal year in the black, I suspect.

Personal Property/Bankruptcy Issue – A separate memo is in your packet on this matter.

Graham Agreement – Again, a separate memo is in your packet

Checking Account Reconciliation – I should have this done sometime before the meeting. Can't do it until the month ends on Wednesday when the bank statement is ready.

Hodgkins Trust Update – we got another check last week from the trust which represents the income from 2010 – now it totals $8,099! Only $3,600 was allocated, that for the privy at Bloomfield Park.

Draft Contract with Pine Tree Waste – I'm getting a bit worried that our salesman is not returning our calls. A draft copy is in your packet – this does not have the cardboard/white paper recycling price in it, as it's still up in the air how we'll be deriving revenue out of that material.

PTW Settlement – As noted above, the salesman has yet to call me back.

Draft Commercial Trash Hauler Policy – A draft is in your packet – if this is the direction you'd like to follow, we can refine it

Barking Dog Ordinance Request – I'll have a draft letter to the requester based on the discussion from the previous meeting.

Ordinance Fee Schedule – The fee schedule as drafted and edited via e-mail will be ready for signature effective 7/1/11

School Budget Validation Referendum Warrant – The warrant requires your signature and is ready to go. The validation vote is June 14 th .

Resolves – Maurice and Suzanne Googins celebrate their 60 th anniversary this week. There is a nice certificate for them. There are a lot of honor graduates from Ellsworth and MDI (14 of them!). You might get writer's cramp from this!

Hodgkins Scholarship – Where I'll have a couple of applicants from my household and Jo will have an applicant, I would suggest a subcommittee of the Board meet separately to award the Hodgkins Scholarship. That would mean that such a subcommittee should be formed. Deadline for applications is June 17 th .

Reappointment List – A few people have indicated they do not wish to continue in their appointed roles – so far one Appeals Board member and two Conservation Commissioners. Appointment papers will be ready for signature for those who've indicated to me they wish to continue in their volunteer appointed positions.

Seibel Consent Agreement – It looks like we have an agreement we can live with, though the Seibels have made a change to the wording that you may or may not want to go with. A copy is in your packet.

Legal Expense Listing – As requested last meeting, there is a list of all the payments to the town attorney's office since January 2009. It's surprisingly short! This does not include bond counsel or the payment to Rudman and Winchell for the Assessors.

Overhang Project – Kermit and I looked at the overhang, and the bottom portion appears to be in pretty good shape, but the deck and the roof are rotted. There are virtually no shingles left on the roof, and the stringers have been exposed to the elements. A project spec draft will be in your packet as soon as it's dreamed up. Added to this project will be repairing and moving the bulletin board (it's right under the drip line of the roof now and sustained ice damage this winter), and painting the trim around the windows.

Paving – Roger Picard should be getting in touch shortly.

Roads – An update from Mike/Jay should be ready for the meeting.

Vacation Day – We're planning to take Rebecca to her orientation weekend in Vermont the last weekend of June. That will necessitate me being out most of Friday the 24th and Monday the 27th . So far I've taken 44.5 hours of the 120-hours of vacation for this fiscal year.

Next Meeting – You've not yet set a meeting date in August.

Executive Session – Bill Fennelly will be in to go over his performance review. A sheet will be in your packet.

All for now…..see you 6/2….stu