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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 6, 2011

Happy New (calendar) Year! I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year Holiday. The Marckoon house had a very peaceful time and our youngest daughter is Lamoine's newest registered voter as of Monday! Hard to believe she was a newborn when I started in this position.

A fairly busy agenda to start the new year.

Minutes of December 16, 2010 Please look over the minutes and make written corrections if you would.

Warrant 13 You'll notice a cash expenditure for a snow blower. Bill found one on sale at Sears for a limited time that suited his needs, and we purchased it. I have also paid Richard McMullen as of 12/31/10 as per the contract. Several tax liens have been paid and discharged at the Registry of Deeds prior to the automatic foreclosure date.

There is a $50 payment to the fire department. That replaces a donation to the FD that got put in the wrong deposit bag and ended up in the town account. There is also a payment on here to Auto Buff for a tow job on a fire truck. One of our newer firefighters fueled up the truck, but put gas instead of diesel into the tank, so it was towed to Colwell Diesel to be drained.

Cash & Budget Report The expenditure budget is right about where it should be half way through the year. Revenues are in decent shape, except for excise taxes. I should have the half year excise report for you at the meeting that won't close until Friday, and we're closed then.

Checking Account Reconciliation This will be ready for Thursday's meeting, but not before since the month won't end until Saturday. I don't expect any trouble balancing.

Automatic Lien Foreclosure Status I will ask for a formal vote on the matter discussed last week authorizing me as treasurer to waive foreclosure on one property in return for a payment arrangement. As of this writing (12/28/10) there has been no response from the requesting party. The list of liens is in your packet. We know of one that will be foreclosed on. I have been in contact with most of the other parties or mortgage holders and expect some sort of payment.

Marlboro Cemetery Meeting This will be a continuation of the dialogue started a couple meetings ago. A copy of the memo sent to interested folks (albeit with the wrong year) is in your packet.

60th Anniversary A congratulatory resolve for Walt & Marion will be ready for signature, and since Marion plans to be at this meeting, it will be quite timely. Their anniversary was last September.

DEP / Water Testing

I've drafted a letter to Bob Birk for you folks to sign based on the conversation from the previous meeting. Please look it over and let me know if there is anything you wish to add or change ahead of time if possible.

Town Report

The cover is re-done with a nice winter scene photo taken by David Dennison earlier this month. David had posted it on his facebook page and was kind enough to e-mail it to the town office. The black and white version is nice, but the color version came out in a striking light blue hue.

X-press copy will hold the same price as last year provided we have the same number of pages.

Be thinking about the citizen of the year again. I'll have a separate sheet with some folks that come to my mind, plus the one suggestion passed in last meeting.

Road Matters

We had a few complaints during the 12/23/10 storm. A memo from Jennifer and a complaint form is in your packet. The storm yesterday (12/27) produced no complaints other than during the height of it that Route 240 and Mud Creek were drifting. I called Richard, and he was headed right to that. Richard has been extremely responsive to all calls. This morning (12/28) I checked MacQuinn Road and that seemed fine I'm not sure what is behind this complaint. All plowing is well within the town's right of way. I also checked Cos Cob this morning, and the Periwinkle Alley entrance was fine.

George Crawford has finished cutting Needles Eye Road.  I will check that out Thursday morning. The snow definitely did not help!

Solid Waste Bids

There are separate analyses for both the MSW transport and recycling operations bids in your packet. Thankfully, both fall into the budget (tightly). You've got some difficult decisions to make. I did receive a call from Evergreen, and they would prefer that Mark Wright receive the contract if it were to come down to between them and Wright.

Code Enforcement

Dennis will be headed to Florida for a good chunk of time in January and February. As I write this, he and Mike Jordan are making coverage arrangements. The time frame will be from about January 13th to February 16th . This will exceed the built in time-off for Dennis in his contract, so there will be weeks that he is not paid, and Mike will be.

We've received a communication from Tony regarding the order to remove the Shoreland zoning violation as ordered by the Board of Appeals. A copy of that is in your packet. Tony has advised the violator to contact the Code Enforcement Officer.

Assessors I sent an e-mail (in packet) to Ed Bearor and spoke with him this morning, and he will generate a response today. I'll forward that to the Assessors and put a copy in your packet.

Town Meeting If all goes well, a draft of the warrant will be in your packet. I'm pleased to report that Harvey Kelley has once again agreed to moderate the meeting.

Joint Board This item came up at your meeting with the Planning Board, and it was requested to be on the agenda for future meetings, so here it is. Among the issues to decide are:

Job Descriptions/Policies It's been a few meetings since these were distributed. Jo said she was in the process of reviewing the proposals. This will be a recurring item on the agenda until the edits are completed.

Next Meeting The 1st & 3rd Thursdays are outlined through March. Since town meeting is on the 16th , the meeting on the 17th would be organizational in nature (choose a chair, sign a warrant, go home).

See you next year!