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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 20, 2011

Though I hate doing it, we closed the town office at noon yesterday during the big storm. Between really lousy travel and the snow falling faster than we could shovel the steps, and me battling a head cold, after checking with Jo, the decision was made. We were in good company statewide. It is Thursday, January 13, 2011 as I write this, and I'm feeling much better after some rest! I almost thought of swiping the transfer station snow blower to clean off the ramp at the town hall, though!

Your agenda doesn't look too bad lots of paper work to review. If all goes well, this could be a much faster meeting than the last one.

Minutes It's 9-pages of fascinating reading. If you could do your usual great editing jobs and submit the corrections in writing, that would be wonderful. It took a long time to get these done because it's been quite busy in the office lately.

Warrant 14 This is a hefty one thanks mostly to the school bill. I'm not sure if Richard McMullen will have his bill submitted in time for this warrant. The dues to Maine Municipal Association are also on here. The RH Foster bill is a little hefty but there were a LOT of fire calls in December!

Cash & Budget Report Expenditure wise, we're doing quite well no red flags that I can see. Revenue sees excise tax lagging, but not as bad as this time last year. I've put the half fiscal year excise report in this packet as well, as you might not have seen it last meeting. In fact, we're about $1,075 ahead of the last year.

Hodgkins Trust We received a check for $4,805 from the Hodgkins trust which I have created a fund for. It's my suggestion that part of this could be used to offset the privy at Bloomfield Park, but that would have to go onto the town meeting warrant. The Budget Committee had recommended $1,500 from the Parks Fund be used, the privy budget is $3,100. Your call.

Foreclosed Property Disposition As reported last meeting, we now own an unbuildable subdivision lot on Partridge Cove Road due to unpaid taxes. The town meeting article from 2010 reads:

•  To see if the Town will vote to authorize the Selectmen to sell and/or dispose of any property acquired by tax liens after first offering the property to the previous owners for payment of all back taxes, fees and interest, and if they decline, advertising for sealed bids on same, and stating the lowest bid acceptable, and to allow the Selectmen to authorize the Treasurer to waive automatic lien foreclosures when it is in the best interest of the Town.

Because of this, we should write to the former owners and offer it to them for all back taxes, fees and interest, which is $338.33 (including an estimated $56 for the 11/12 tax). I would include Wayne Wright (the subdivision owner) in that offer. As far as offering it for sale, I'm not so sure that it will sell. Good fodder for discussion.

Investment Management The printed report is in your packet.

Audit Jim Wadman's office says it should be done by Wednesday the 19 th . I'll have copies for your packet. School issues have held things up.

Cable TV Matters Jo asked that this be on the agenda for discussion. I've alerted the Cable TV Committee. I e-mailed you about the technical glitch from the last Selectmen's meeting which has since been corrected.

Well Testing We've received an e-mail from Bob Birk, it's in your packet. The question before the Board is how you wish to proceed with installing a filter system.

Recycling Ellsworth Contract Jo and I will be meeting with Ellsworth City Manager Michelle Beal on Wednesday, January 19 th to talk about their facility taking our recycling. Should have more information at that point.

Town Report The latest draft is in your packet. It's a slow work in progress.

Town Meeting Warrant The latest draft is in your packet. I'm not sure that we'll need anything at this point for Marlboro Cemetery unless a cemetery association forms and requests that we caretake whatever money they might come up with.

Policy/Job Description Draft Review This has been on the back burner for a few months. Do you need new copies?

Shellfishing Closure The Regional Conservation Commission for Shellfishing meets on the 18 th (we were told at last meeting). The last Selectmen's meeting did not come away with much direction to give to anyone on how to proceed to identify the source of the pollution.

Marlboro Cemetery Follow Up I was able to find the original articles of incorporation at the Hancock County Registry of Deeds and have put those in your packet. I also copied off the Percy Bragdon trust info.

Architecture/U-Maine Augusta There is a letter that came in just before the last meeting (though it was dated a few months ago) offering student help with architectural projects. I'm thinking the front overhang at the town hall might be qualified do you want to contact them?

That completes the agenda not sure what else will come in between now and then. See you Thursday!