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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of February 17, 2011

The snow is making everyone a bit weary I suspect. It can stop anytime! It's Wednesday the 9th as I write, and basketball season for me is coming to an end on Friday. It's been fun, but I'm ready for the break.

Things have been pretty quiet around the town hall as we gear up for the 2 nd half of tax collections and for town meeting. Reminder postcards will be mailed on Monday the 14 th . The agenda for the 17th is pretty mild as well.

Minutes of February 3, 2011 – These are pretty short (so was the meeting).

Warrant 16 – The school bill will be on here, so this will be on the large side. Nothing else unusual that I know of.

Cash & Budget Report – No red flags that I see at this point.

Investment Management Report – The report from the First Advisors is in your packet.

Amy Morley Resignation – Ms. Morley has e-mailed her resignation from the Conservation Commission. She's done a lot of work in her two years on the board and will be missed. I've asked the commission to try to come up with someone to serve.

Appointments – Perry Fowler says he is willing to become the alternate Planning Board member. No publicity yet on the Conservation Commission opening that'll be created.

Communication from Robert Seibel – There is a communication in your packets that Mike Jordan received today from Mr. Seibel in regard to his violation which the appeals board has upheld.

Snowplowing update – I passed along the two concerns received yesterday on the storm/plowing job to Richard. The Birchlawn Drive issue is mainly a communication problem between the residents on the private end of the road and Richard and I've asked him to push the town's snow as far off the road as possible. I also passed along the concern about plowing/sanding timing and school buses and he's armed with that information now. I've invited him to come in and give us an update on where things stand with plowing and the contract escalator for this winter (what a year to start!). The garage door at the salt/sand shed also needs some maintenance, and that was supposed to happen this week.

Water Testing/Filter System – The latest information is in your packets. I saw Norlens in town last week, but as of this writing, we've not received an estimate.

Recycling Contract(s) – Still waiting for something from Coastal Recycling and the City of Ellsworth.

General Office Policy Update – Cynthia has done a very nice job going through this and suggesting corrections and asking very good questions. In your packet is a list of her questions and my responses.

Job Descriptions Update – see above – thank-you Cynthia!

Skillings River Shellfish Closure – I'll keep this on the “ongoing” list for a while – there is nothing new to report on this end.

Collaboration Meeting – March 30, 2011 - This is a Wednesday night in Somesville and involves the MDI League of Towns Communities discussing a game plan to collaborate on a number of issues in order to save money. I encourage attendance – I will not be able to attend due to a prior commitment that Wednesday night.

Town Meeting Issues – The Planning Board will hold a public/informational hearing on their 3-sets of proposed ordinance changes. It'll be 3/1/11 at their regular meeting. The printed copies are available at the Town Hall and on line. It's doubtful there will be a lot of participation in the hearings, though I've received one call about the proposed changes to the Building & Land Use Ordinance.

I'm not sure what plans ought to be made to get our Citizen of the Year to the annual town meeting to present him with the plaque. I'll work on the official proclamation in the coming week.

That's it for this meeting. See you on the 17th .