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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of March 3, 2011

As I made out the agenda this (Wednesday, February 23, 2011) it was a balmy 46 degrees inside the town office. The igniter on the furnace failed. Ray Plumbing was here quickly. They'd cleaned the furnace the day before after I'd reported that the heat had gone off sometime Monday before the Appeals Board meeting. Seems to be working fine, but I am suspicious there may be some voltage problems in the electrical system, which may be why there are lines on the CTV channel. Noel Dechar will be looking at that tomorrow (the 24 th ).

The agenda is relatively light for Thursday. I will be out of the office on February 28 teaching tax lien class in Brewer.

Minutes of February 17, 2011 Even though it was a pretty short meeting, look them over for errors and submit written changes if you could.

Warrant 17 As I write, there is not a lot on the warrant payroll for this week, the monthly tax payment, a PERC bill and a small workers comp bill following the annual workers comp audit. There will be a sizeable transfer into investments

Cash & Budget Report I won't run this until Thursday morning, but we're now in excellent shape as the 2nd half of property taxes are due. The last two days have seen deposits in excess of $60,000 each.

Checking Account Reconciliation The bank statement won't be ready until Tuesday, but this should be done for the meeting on Thursday.

Appeals Board Request for Attorney The Appeals Board voted unanimously to request legal help for the appeal filed by Doug Gott & Sons, Inc. I've put their draft minutes in the packet, and Griff Fenton should be in attendance to explain further. The Planning Board previously used Tony Beardsley peripherally on this matter, however I spoke with Tony yesterday, and he might be able to represent the Appeals Board without a conflict of interest he would have to check. Our backup would be Jim Patterson.

Zoning Violation Seibel I spoke with Tony on this matter yesterday, and e-mailed him the request from the Selectmen to seek a consent agreement.

Citizen of the Year A proclamation and the proposed plaque wording are in your packet. Let me know of any errors ahead of time so the color version is ready for your signature.

Solid Waste Data The required state report has been submitted. Copies are in your packet.

Recycling Contract A brief letter from Coastal Recycling is also in your packet. I've received nothing yet from the City of Ellsworth.

Skillings River Closure I'll keep this as a running item on the agenda but will rely on Dick to keep us updated.

Water Monitoring/Filter A letter to the homeowner receiving the filter system is in your packet. Norlens has been contacted and will await the homeowner making arrangements with them for installation.

Cable TV Matters A rather lengthy report with diagrams is in your packet on a reconfiguration of the tech room. As noted above, an electrician is going to look things over to see what is causing the interference on the channel. Mike Jordan will build us a stand for the camera monitors, and once that and the electricity are settled, I'll start moving stuff around.

The CTV committee will be meeting on March 7, 2011 to discuss the reconfiguration, and also the potential for hiring someone part time to run the station (paid through the CTV fund), as well as the possibility of wiring up the 2nd channel at the school. If any Selectmen can make it that Monday evening, that would be great.

These items are on here as a preview to the meeting, though input from the Selectmen would be helpful for the CTV committee.

Office Policy/Job Descriptions Any more submissions from the board would be great and those can be built into a final draft. We'll likely have a fair amount of time to discuss this.

Conservation Commissioner So far one person has expressed interest in filling the seat left vacant by Amy Morley's resignation Jon VanAmringe on Shore Road. He dropped off a very impressive resume.

This is the final Selectmen's meeting before the annual town meeting. The next payroll date is March 9, 2011, and your 2nd half payments will be included in that payroll. Thank-you for a very smooth year for the most part.