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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of March 17, 2011

A happy St. Patrick's Day in advance of the meeting. No green beer will be served, and since this will be the night after town meeting, the agenda is shorter than a leprechaun.

Chair Selection This is my favorite meeting of the year as I get to open it as deputy clerk and you will select a chair until the next annual town meeting.

Minutes of 3/3/11 This is a lengthy set with intricate discussions. Please make sure it all makes sense.

Warrant 18 This will be a large one as the school bill is on here. Your 2 nd half pay is also on here (you'll find a check with this packet). There are also a couple of overpayment refunds in here from folks who sent in more than they owed for property tax.

Cash & Budget Report We're still in decent shape, though excise taxes are really dragging.

Investment Management Report The report from First Advisors is in your packet.

Appointments Annie Crisafulli has indicated she would appreciate being elevated to a full Conservation Commission membership from her current alternate status. That will leave an alternate position open, and two applicants.

Policies You generally renew three policies at the first meeting of the new season.

Disbursement Policy - The only change is to eliminate reference to the school payroll warrant which no longer exists.

Fee Schedule I'm proposing to eliminate the charge for incoming faxes less than 2-pages long (this will eliminate the quarter we charge for insurance cards). Additionally, the debit/credit card charge is outlined on this schedule. If all goes well, I'll do up a notice for those customers using cards for the packet.

Rules of Procedure No change is proposed to the rules.

Water Filter System A proposed agreement between the Town and the homeowner is in your packet. Maine DEP does not have a standard agreement and Bob Birk suggested we draw one up. I've not run this by Tony Beardsley, but did run it by Mr. Birk who responded that it looked good to him. Neither one of us is a lawyer. Look it over and if it's OK with the Board, we'll send it to the homeowner and upon execution we can send them the payment.

Meeting Schedule Look over the proposed schedule. There are potentially 3 meetings in June, one falling on the last day of the month (and the last day of the fiscal year), and one each for July and August.

See you a lot next week!