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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of May 5, 2011

Greetings and happy Cinco de Maio in advance. Sorry, no Magaritas for the meeting! Boy has it been busy here in the office – a lot of car and boat registrations and just a lot of stuff going on. Your agenda isn't too bad, so I don't expect a long public meeting, and you'll have a job performance review at the end with Jennifer, which should not take all that long either.

Minutes – Please do the usual wonderful review job.

Warrant 21 – Noel Dechar's bill for the CTV room rewiring is on here, and he has given us a very good break. That fits within the budget, the job is done, and the only other bills to come in on that will be the materials from Gilman electric. You will see two bills for Richard McMullen on here. One is for the final regular plow bill which was paid per contract at the end of April. The other is the escalator which kicked in at the full 5%. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

Cash & Budget Report – We're doing well on expenditures. Excise revenue is starting to pick up a bit, but it will still be below budget. Overall, though, we've collected nearly 100% of the revenue budget, which is good. The property tax overlay can be credited for some of that!

Gully Brook Road Hearing – I'm not sure if anyone will show to testify. The notice was mailed to abutting property owners (there are 3), and placed in the Ellsworth American as well as posted on the website and here at the town office.

1996 Burglary Investigation Request – The state statutes pertaining to the Statute of Limitations (both 17-A MRSA §8 and 15-MRSA §3105-A) are in your packets. Tony happened to call this week on another matter and I mentioned it to him and the first words in response were Statute of Limitations. In other words, there is no sense giving Mr. Sharkey authority to “reopen” this investigation, no criminal or civil restitution could be expected. A letter to that effect is drafted for your review.

Privy Update – The permits are in place and Richard McMullen is moving forward with construction. He's not sure when it will be completed.

Trash Pickup @ Parks- Given the action taken last meeting in regard to Mr. Boynton's use of the transfer station, the chair of the Parks Commission has followed up with him on the issue of picking up the trash at both parks, and the price will stay the same, despite not being able to use our facility for disposal.

PERC Tonnage Credit – I will have a memorandum prepared for Pine Tree Waste for the proper credit for the PERC issue shortly.

Transport Contracts – I plan to call Mr. Dunning from Pine Tree Waste to start work on the new contracts for trash and recycling.

GAT Trade – We were extremely close to meeting our obligation last year and the penalty to the refund was negligible. I would not recommend any trade. The paper work is in your packet.

Commercial Trash Policy – What are your thoughts on this potential program? Let's talk about goals and specifics. I'll try to put together some ideas before your meeting.

Cable TV Re-wiring – The project is done, the picture is much better! We traced the picture problem to the modulator supplied by Time Warner. They promptly provided a new one (and a backup), and that cleared up the problem. The room is now very well organized and functional.

Operations Manager – Included in the packet is the proposed ad for the CTV operations manager that was briefly discussed last meeting and felt to be a good idea. With your permission, we could start advertising in early June with a potential hire date of 7/1/11.

Consent Agreements – Tony Beardsley has completed the consent agreement with John W. Goodwin, they've paid his fee, sent us a $250 check and signed the agreement. The last step is for the Selectmen to sign, and for me to process the check. I recommend signing.

The other consent agreement with Mr. Seibel has been altered by Mr. Seibel and signed. He does not intend to pay the legal fees. It is the board's call on whether you wish to sign the altered agreement.

Haz Comm Policy – You got the draft last meeting. This will be for approval. If there are changes needed, please let me know ahead of the meeting.

Shellfishing – At Dick's request, this is on the agenda for discussion of suggesting to the Planning Board that best management practices for farming be incorporated into the ordinances.

Next Meeting – You have the joint workshop with the Planning Board set for May 16, 2011, which is a Monday. The regular Selectmen's meeting for that week would be on Thursday. I have a family conflict on Thursday (Ellsworth HS honors banquet). My suggestion is to combine the workshop and your regular meeting on Monday as that will get me out of a pickle!

Job Performance Review – Jennifer will be in to have her review done. The paperwork is in your packet. Under the new job description, I am supposed to give substantial input, which I have included.

I will check with Bill Fennelly, Mike Arsenault and Mike Jordan about their availability in June for reviews.