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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of May 16, 2011

The meeting is on MONDAY! The main purpose was to have a workshop with the Planning Board and CEO on ordinance fees, but we can combine that with the regular business that might occur on Thursday as well.

I'm in hopes that it might actually stop raining someday and the tulips will be in bloom in front of the Veterans' Memorial!

Minutes The minutes are relatively short please review as usual for typos.

Warrant 22 This is an expensive one with the school bill. Also on here are road sweeping, the privy project, and part of the bill for water testing from MAI Environmental will be on here (came in after printing). There will also be a payroll on here on Monday. As noted last meeting the 30-day notices were sent out today (5/10) which necessitated the check to the post office for $626.08. There were lots of notices!

Cash & Budget Report You will note that the privy project went over by $75.00. With you permission we could charge that to the Parks fund and leave the Hodgkins fund intact, or just go over budget for it. Excise revenues are starting to get closer to budget. We're only about $21,000 behind as of this writing.

Investment Management Report this is in your packets. The estimated annual income is over budget, which is a good sign.

Ordinance Fee Workshop Both memos from me on this matter are included again in the packets.

Barking Dog Ordinance Mr. Sundt stopped by last meeting and indicated he wished to request this item. The Town of Tremont has one that I hope that have e-mailed here. Ordinances from Greene & Turner are in the packet.

Commercial Trash Hauler Policy There may be something ready as a draft for your meeting.

Salt/Sand Public Use Policy This draft is in your packet. If you give the go-ahead, we can run it by Richard.

Paving Update (if any) No word yet from Pavement Management Services on the bid prices. MDOT runs an asphalt price tracker that I'm monitoring. That price took a jump in early April.

Meeting Date August Cynthia has a conflict on the 18th of August. Let's talk about a different date.

Executive Session Evaluation forms are in your packet.

That would be it from here. See you on MONDAY!