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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 16, 2011

The weather has finally turned nice, just in time for baseball season to end! I'm not sure how summer arrived so quickly. By the time this weekend is over, we'll have two high school graduates hard to believe she was a newborn when I started.

Your agenda is relatively short.

Minutes They're fairly short as well but look them over please.

Warrant 24 This is a big one the final school bill of the fiscal year is on here. Some other oddball stuff. David Herrick's bill for trees on Asa's Lane is here I've opted to run him and his children through payroll as opposed to an independent contractor at David's request since we provided the chipper rental and gas. It's quite a bit less than other contractors we've used. Skip finally got his hydrant plowing bill in. The water testing bill for Katahdin Analytical is also on here. Gary purchased some ads for Memorial Day on the radio, and that's on here too.

Cash & Budget Report The parks expenses will exceed the budget (see next item). Good news is that excise tax collections are lagging behind far less than they were. (Last Friday was nuts we did over $4,700 that day!).

Parks Budget The Parks Commission has experienced some maintenance expenses along with kiosk construction costs that will exceed the 10/11 budget. They've generated revenue over the years that has been put into the parks fund, and that fund stands at over $7,000 as of this writing. I anticipate about a $350 over expenditure at this point. My recommendation is that you folks approve an order to utilize the parks fund to cover those expenses (some of which are associated with generating revenues for events like the Flat Top 5K and the Family Fun Day). Such an order will be prepared for your signature.

Investment Management Report The monthly report from the First Advisors is in your packet.

Pine Tree Waste Contract It should be ready for your signature I spoke with Jim Dunning this afternoon and he assured me it would be signed today (6/8) and that the check will be in the mail by next Monday for the excess trash weight.

Commercial Trash Hauler Policy I'll have a separate memo on this in regard to where the authority lies to implement the proposed policy got some research to do on that.

Water Monitoring A 31-page report came from Katahdin Analytical. I'll plug that into the spreadsheets and print them off for you. Copies will be sent to the three wells we test this year along with the Maine DEP.

Roads Jay tells me Asa's Lane will be prepped for paving this week. When it is, I'll let Roger Picard know. Mud Creek Road has seen lots of MDOT activity replacing and adding culverts. They'll pave that in a couple of weeks. I've called Ring's Paving to get an estimate on paving the town hall parking lot.

Lamoine State Park Boat Ramp David Herrick may be in with a request to extend the boat ramp at the park. I'm not sure where he is as far as researching costs and the authority to do so.

Personnel Contracts I gave you the draft contracts for the CEO, ACO, and Transfer Station Manager last week. I'll be working on Jennifer's Thursday. That would just leave Mike Jordan's and I wanted to wait on that until after his performance review at this meeting as you might wish to add the Road Commissioner aspect to any contract. If there are changes to make to any of the prepared ones, please let me know.

Executive Session As you can see from the agenda, you've got the ACO and the Deputy CEO/Road Commissioner performance reviews, plus a review of the applicants (and we have two thus far) for the CTV operations manager job.

That's it for now. See you on the 16th .