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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of July 14, 2011

Happy New (fiscal) Year! This has been an extremely hectic week at the office, as FY 2011 ends and FY 2012 begins. The new budget report is now formatted, which always takes a lot of time. The quarterly is done, but have not had any feedback, so we'll holding off on printing it until next week.

You've got a relatively busy agenda, but nothing like the last meeting (I hope!).

Minutes of June 30, 2011 – Please look them over. Much of the meeting was in executive session, so the minutes were not particularly difficult.

Warrant 2 – Many of the items read “account payable” which means they've been booked in FY 2011 but the bills didn't come in until FY 2012. I'll print off the list of accounts payable for your information. There will be an additional social service payment to Open Door Recovery Center which I missed on warrant 1. The only other unusual bill (so far) is the vehicle charger I purchased for Mike Arsenault's cell phone.

Cash & Budget Reports – Both fiscal year 2011 and 2012 are formatted and in your packets.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This balanced swiftly and the report is in your packets as well.

Unpaid Personal Property Tax – Bronson Platner advises that we are free to try to collect this bill – it was not part of the bankruptcy filing. I'm proposing to offer to the folks who owe us the money to accept payment interest fee until July 31 st as there was an error on our end not to remind them of the bill. A letter to them is drafted and in your packet.

Prepaid Oil – I would suggest we get prices for pre-paid oil around August 1 st and that you authorize the prepayment for the best price we can find. The price of oil shot up again this week.

Excise Tax Quarterly Report – This is in your packet. Another tough year – we were about $10,000 below projection

Computer Replacement – The budget calls for a new computer for the town clerk's office. This would replace the 6-year old Dell in Jennifer's office which is pretty slow now. I propose purchasing a unit from Computer Essentials in Ellsworth – I've not priced them out yet.

Road Name – There are building permits pending for this subdivision (they can't be issued until the subdivision road is done), and the road needs a name. The new owner said he would suggest one by meeting time.

Request for Land – There is a letter from the county commissioners in your packet requesting land on which to build the Regional Communications Center. We have the following pieces of land:









Rte. 184


Lamoine Beach road

Anderson Garage


10- 2

Birchlawn Dr Ray Sub-rec


Green Space-Sub div



Shore Road Gift


Shore Road

Interior Lot off Shore Rd



Unknown Lot Route 184


Interior Lot off Shore Rd



Off rte 184 Dump Lot





Off Asa's Lane Gift Whitc


Bloomfield Park Road

Bloomfield Park



Asa's Lane Gift Googins


Abuts Blunts Pond



Route 184 Pit, Transfer


Lamoine Beach Road

Transfer STn/Salt Sand



Rte 184 & 204 Town Hall


Douglas Highway

Town Hall



Rte. 184 Brann Sub.


Beside School Lot



Marlboro Beach


Marlboro Beach


81- 1

Blunt's Pond Park


Bloomfield Park



Route 184


Lamoine Beach Road


Obviously town meeting would have to approve of such a thing, but those lots off Shore Road might be suitable.

Harbor Master – David may be here with information on extending the boat ramp and the guest mooring program.

Returnables – We have a request from the snowmobile club (July) and the Parks Commission left a standing request. Since you don't meet until mid-August and no one else is pending, I would suggest August for the Parks Commission.

Gott v. Town of Lamoine – Tony has the materials and the minutes and has spoken with Griff. I've asked him to get us copies of what is filed.

Appointments – Kimberly Grindle will be starting on the 13 th – she should have appointment papers signed by you folks. I've offered $12/hour which would be about $60/week for the typical 5-hours/week. She has accepted.

Still no takers for conservation commissioner that I know of. I'll have a draft ad for Road Commissioner ready for the meeting.

Special Town Meeting Warrant –A draft of this will be ready for the meeting as well – have not gotten to it yet.

Travel & Education Policy – Cynthia asked at last meeting to look this over. A copy is in your packets.

Vacation – My request is for the week of August 22-27. We'll be taking daughter #2 to college in VT at the end of that week, and a whole week off would be most appreciated. Taxes are due on August 31 st , so the first of the next week will be pretty busy. You also have a meeting the following Thursday (the 1 st ). Your packets will be ready prior to me leaving for vacation.

Executive Session - I'm not sure if Dennis will be able to attend. You've signed his contract and the payment is based on that which you have signed. I've put a copy of the contract in your packets.

My job performance review was postponed last meeting – you should have a copy of the form from last time. Unless there is something I don't know about, this shouldn't take too long!

See you Thursday.