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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of August 11, 2011

I hope everyone is having a great summer. Quite frankly I have enjoyed the extended time between meetings. We've actually accomplished a lot in the office and around town.

The thunderstorm early Tuesday morning caused some anxious moments that day. The Internet was not working and I was teaching a tax lien class in Belfast that day. Later on, nothing was working after the 2 nd thunder storm to come through. Turns out the monitor on the computer in my office got fried – the only damage we could find. You'll have a bill from Wal-Mart next month for $129 for a new one. Pretty cheap fix!

The agenda looks pretty long, but it's not too bad.

Minutes – July 14, 2011 – Please look over the minutes. It's been a while since the meeting.

Warrant 3 – You signed this warrant toward the end of July (thank you) individually.

Warrant 4 – This will be a huge one. There is the school payment, the county tax payment (due at the end of August), the parking lot paving, and I suspect Asa's Lane paving will be on here. Many of these bills are not due until the end of the month, and we should have enough in the checking account to cover these without having to dip any more into investments.

Cash & Budget Report – FY 2011 – I think the only outstanding bills for this fiscal year are for Rusty servicing the trash at the two parks. I've called his book keeper to ask for them. Otherwise, this should be pretty much a year end report.

Cash & Budget Report – FY 2012 – It's still early, and some of the items are already fully expended (the one time payments). In the case of public safety, the ambulance payment and the dispatch payment boost that percentage. The YMCA boosts the percentage for parks and recreation. All else seems well within tolerance. On the revenue side, we're already slightly behind on excise tax again. The investment interest line does not include the July report yet – that should be available by your meeting (the investment portfolio manager asked if he could delay sending the spreadsheet until after his return from vacation, which I don't have a problem with.).

Checking Account Reconciliation – The checkbook balanced up to the General Ledger quite nicely again. It's in your packet

Special Town Meeting Warrant – The bills from Rusty are all I need to finalize the warrant. What I've got so far is in your packet. The number on the parks article may change.

Budget Committee – The budget committee will hold its organizational meeting on September 12 th and review the two budget items on the warrant for a recommendation to be given at the special town meeting. I've prepared a memo on the Administration and Parks articles for them which will be in your packet.

Contracts – With the language change in Dennis' contract, he has signed and it'll be ready for your signature. I've done up an RFP for heating fuel for your approval. Hancock was interested and I've e-mailed that to them. All the other towns have already locked in their prices. There is also a draft of Mike's contract as Deputy CEO which basically changes the numbers from the previous year.

Appointments – William Kohlenbush (a part time resident) is interested in serving as an associate commissioner (no vote). An appointment will be ready to sign. We're still looking for a full board member – no takers thus far. If you know of anyone interested, please have them contact the office.

Returnables – Two applications have come in and September and October are the next available months. I also got a call from a redemption center in Ellsworth run by a Lamoine resident which was interested in servicing the transfer station. The agreement we have with Stacey Curtis is open ended, and I told the caller this. If there is any interest in “bidding” out the service, we could do that, but the system is working quite well now.

Ordinance workshop – An e-mail from Jo is in your packet regarding this.

Legal Cases – The latest paper work on both cases listed is in your packets.

Harbor Projects – Both the ramp extension and the guest mooring project are on hold for now. I spoke with Jay McIntosh and the park may plan to extend the ramp anyway in the next couple of years. There was an incident on July 4 th at the park which has prompted concern by the Dept. of Conservation in regard to access to the ramp after hours.

Vandalism & Other Incidents – A couple of problems at Bloomfield Park. The rock barricades at the beach area were moved, one of them pushed quite deep into the water. The person I presume who did that complained after the rocks were put back about the “boat launch” facility being blocked by them. I explained to him that this is a beach and not a boat launch area, and he said he planned to check with the State of Maine about that. I'm not aware that the park has ever been a formal boat launch area. Richard McMullen retrieved and reset the rocks and added some more at the request of the Parks Commission. The other problem was at the new privy. It was reported that someone pulled the door off, possibly using an ATV to do so. I checked yesterday, and it apparently has been repaired by Richard.

At the transfer station, we received a report that a citizen came in while the facility was closed to the public but the trash truck was picking up on a Monday and dropped off trash. The truck driver told the citizen that was not allowed, but the citizen dropped the trash anyway, drove off, and came back at least one more time with another load. The driver relayed the plate number to us – it's indeed a Lamoine vehicle. We've not taken any action in this office at this time, opting instead for guidance from the board.

Roads – I've been developing a work list and marking areas that need attention. I hope that will be done for the meeting.

Asa's Lane is paved. There are some drop offs that should be smoothed out. I'll speak with Jay Fowler about doing that.

Same with the town hall parking lot – the area where the staff parks has a drop that should be smoothed out.

The annual MDOT road assistance form needs to be signed.

Richard McMullen won the mowing job for this year. He's out of town for a few days but will do it when he returns. We got three bids ranging from $1,600 (Richard's) to $4,250 (a company from Bangor). Last year's mower bid $2,000.

Road Commissioner – So far there is one applicant for the job. I'll stick the resume in your packets.

See you on the 11th .