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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of October 6, 2011

If we could bottle up this weather and have it all winter, everyone would be thrilled. Makes it tough looking out the window, though. It's been a busy time at the office, even with the extra week between meetings. The auditors are here on the 29 th and we've been preparing materials for them for the past couple of days.

Just a reminder that Jo will not be able to attend this meeting due to a work conflict. Congratulations to her organization and the honor they'll be receiving that evening.

Minutes The minutes are relatively short. I'm not sure if anyone has watched the TV replay of the meeting at the school, but the audio is not very good my fault. I plugged something into the wrong jack, and the only mics that were picking up sound were the crowd mics!

Warrant 7 There will be two payrolls on this warrant (yours included). There's a lawyer bill for $1,300 from Rudman and Winchell on the assessing cases. The rest is pretty much routine thus far.

Cash & Budget Report Excise appears to be picking up a month's end, but it's been very slow for the last two weeks.

Checking & Excise Reports The month ends after you get these packets, so neither of these will be in the packets, but will be posted on the website as soon as they're done.

Auto Graveyards The public hearing for the Pro Auto yards are set for this evening. Notices were put in the newspaper and mailed to abutting property owners. Dennis has inspected both facilities and found them to be in excellent condition. His report should be in your packet.

Commercial Trash Hauler Policy The town meeting, as you know, approved the policy. It needs to be signed for filing with the town clerk. I've also drafted an application for the two commercial trash haulers you have the right to set the fee and I've suggested a $25 annual fee and $5 per out of town address. Look over the application and we can work on changes. Similarly, look over the letters to Mr. Boynton and Mr. Tainter explaining the new policy.

Appointments/Resignation Anne Labossiere, a retired teacher from Falmouth who now lives in Lamoine full time, has offered to serve on the Conservation Commission. You need to choose from between Cece Ohmart and Debbie Verrill-McFarland for the full budget committee slot. And Fredi Cahn has submitted his resignation from the Local School Advisory Committee.

Roads I've assigned the fall work, pretty much as laid out in the initial sheet. George Crawford completed the transfer station project already.

The issue of salt for the plow contractor for Route 184 being stored in the town's salt/sand shed came up. Richard McMullen has the contract for plowing. I checked the town's contract, and have copied off the wording on a separate memo, but I interpreted it to mean that he could use the salt/sand shed for storage for public roads, and told him the same. I am not sure if I overstepped my authority for that. Let's discuss it.

The mowing issue also came up last meeting. It was the first I'd heard. I checked the specifications that were advertised, and a 5-foot path was all that was specified. If you wish me to measure selected area of the mowed roads I will, but I've not seen any roadside that has seemed to not have been mowed adequately. There are certain impediments (trees, mailboxes) that no mower could get in between. We may want to talk about specs next summer.

Budget My draft for your review will be in notebooks. Remember it's a draft. Your input is desired!

That's it for this agenda. We'll see you on Thursday.