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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of October 20, 2011

Just a reminder that the meeting takes place following the school forum at the school. The agenda if relatively light by design.

Minutes Please read over the minutes and do the usual great editing job.

Warrant 8 This is large the school bill is on here. I suspect that we'll have the October plow bill before the meeting as well. That will necessitate moving about $100,000 from the investment account to cover the checks. Nothing else unusual on here for now.

Cash & Budget Report Expenses are about where they should be, revenues are holding their own. You'll notice a 4 th page. Now that the audit is done, we've got good fund balance figures to start with, and the fund balance reports are included.

Investment Management Report It's in your packet. We lost a bit as interest last month did not exceed the management fee.

Hodgkins Trust The one page summary is in your packet (and also posted on line).

Audit The audit is done. All looks to be in order again. I was impressed by the speed with which they turned it around this year. You need to sign the management representation letter. Give it a look.

GA Ordinance This is the annual hearing and approval of updated figures for the General Assistance Ordinance. If it goes like the past 17-years, no one will show up. I've posted the material on the town's website.

Transfer Station Theft Report There will be a separate memo on this.

Paperwork Reduction Some of the material that I normally put in your packet is superfluous and can be posted on the website without wasting the paper and toner. For instance, all the investment management reports are scanned and posted. Let's discuss what you desire for your packets and maybe we can cut down on some of the paper.

Trenton Solid Waste Meeting Just a reminder it'll be Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 7PM at the Trenton Town Hall.

Budget Remember, the first budget meeting is Monday the 17 th at 6:30. The next one is November 7 th which follows your meeting on the 3 rd of November.

That's really everything on the agenda.