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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of December 1, 2011

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and lots to be thankful for. I'm writing in advance of the rain/snow storm we're expecting on Thanksgiving Eve, and hope that it's not too bad.

Things have been pretty quiet at the office this week. My basketball schedule starts on Friday the 25th , so while I'll be here 1 st thing in the morning, there will be many afternoons that I'll leave prior to 4PM to get to where I'm blowing the whistle. Jennifer is manning the office on Friday (I'll be gone), and I've got it on Saturday.

Don't forget your executive session meeting on Monday the 28th . The board members present at the last meeting expressed a desire to limit that to an hour.

The agenda for Thursday doesn't look very long; most of it is follow up to the previous meeting.

Minutes – The minutes for November 17th are done and ready for editing. The 28th will be posted the next day (they shouldn't be very long!). Look ‘em over.

Warrant 11 – The biggest bills on here (so far) are the plowing bill for November and Richard's bill for the drainage repairs on Maxwell Avenue. He did an extremely good job on this, and we shouldn't have to touch this area for a very long time! I'll have mileage along with the regular payroll. It's also quite likely that the firefighter expense reimbursements will be on here as well – I'll run that by Skip on Wednesday evening. This will be posted an updated on line.

Cash & Budget Report – This will be posted on line. A printed version will be set out the day of the meeting.

Checking Account Reconciliation – The statement will be available on the day of the meeting. Depending on what else might be happening that day, I should be able to get it done.

Tax Collector's Settlement FY 09/10 – With the write off of the very minor personal property tax amount from this year, taxes are collected in full, and the settlement statement will await your signature.

Cable TV Camera Purchase – The Cable TV Committee recommends (and I concur) that a decent camera purchase is in order. Kimberly has made some suggestions. What I will suggest is that we purchase just one at this time, and give it a try. It if works as hoped, then a second can be purchased down the road. The two cameras we have now are very inexpensive consumer units that do not produce a very high quality product. A lavaliere microphone is simply a microphone that clips onto a shirt collar or tie and is used for interviews. A separate sheet is included in your printed materials showing both proposed items.

Heating Assistance Fund – I e-mailed the Maine Townsman article around regarding such funds, they I posted an inquiry to other town managers around the state to see if they had any programs. I received a number of responses and many towns do have some sort of program, either run by the town or coordinated in some way. I'll have a separate memo with a synopsis of each program, but have printed off a number of materials that my colleagues have graciously provided.

Float at Bloomfield Park – As noted via e-mail on the 21st , it has been removed.

Town Report Picture Contest – I've e-mailed this around, and received positive feedback. My plan is to post this on the 28 th . It'll be fun to see what kind of response we get.

Budget Workshop – You've received the school tuition information, and we can talk about that prior to the Budget Committee meeting on the 5th . We're pretty close to wrapping up the budget, though I think there are a couple of loose ends that might remain following the 5th .

Don't eat too much turkey!