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For meeting of December 15, 2011

I think this may be among the slowest times around the town office that I can recall since I've been working here, and that's OK. Even the agenda is pretty short it might rival last meeting for brevity!

Minutes Please look over the minutes from December 1st they're fairly short.

Warrant 12 The warrant is a lot larger than the last one as the December school payment will be on here. There are several fire department bills, including reprogramming the radios and pagers to be compliant with narrow-band broadcasting. The Cable TV purchases are also on here, and some have already arrived (battery, charger, microphone cable that comes with the mic.) We'll have to move some funds into the checking account from the investment management account to cover the warrant. The warrant will be posted on line as usual for updated review.

Cash & Budget Report The budget report will also be posted on line and updated periodically.

Conservation Commission Appointment The Conservation Commission has asked that David Legere be appointed an Alternate Member.

Knox Boxes For those who are not familiar, a Knox Box is a key storage device that is accessible only to the fire department in the case of emergency. The Lamoine Fire Department has long been a subscriber; however no buildings in town are equipped yet. It's a good idea the fire department doesn't have to stumble around in the chief's office to find the key to unlock the in-house key box (and if the chief or I are not around, they're out of luck).

The goal of having this on the agenda would be to explore the cost of installing the first Knox Box at the town hall, and maybe one at the Salt/Sand shed and the Anderson Garage. If you wish, you could have Skip talk with you about this further.

Lamoine Quarterly I'll be working on that extensively between now and the meeting date. Time is definitely permitting!

Budget Recommendations The budget committee made their recommendations on December 5th . A final version of the budget that will appear for the March 2012 town meeting will be printed for you presumably your recommendations will mirror that of the Budget Committee.

Meeting Schedule At least two members of the board have some conflicting dates in January. Might you want to make some adjustments? Let's discuss that. It would be good to have the town meeting warrant signed no later than February 2, 2012 for printing the town report and posting. I have e-mailed Harvey Kelley to see if he'll moderate the meeting again this spring.

That's all! See you the 15th ..stu