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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of December 6, 2012

I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving. Both our daughters are home for the holiday which will make it nice.

The office has been a little busy, and we've been training Nancy Jones for when she'll be needed when Jennifer is out during the winter. She seems to be catching on quite nicely. Basketball season starts the day after Thanksgiving for me with a preseason game which will mean I'm out of the office on the 23rd for most of the day. Since I've progressed more toward the varsity ranks, my schedule will take me out of the office early on a less frequent basis.

You actually have a pretty light agenda for December 6. I suspect the addendum will build because of the early date for meeting preparation and the fact that there will be 3-weeks between meetings.

This will also be your last regular meeting of the calendar year, as the December 20 date will be a sign the warrant only when you can.

Minutes of November 15, 2012 Please review the minutes and submit written corrections if possible

Warrant 11 This shouldn't be too huge (no school, no snow plowing). There is a bill for work on a fire truck for $500 or so, and Richard McMullen installed rocks in front of the kiosk at Bloomfield Park to prevent vehicles from backing into it. We had quite a bit of damage to that which was fixed by Kermit and Richard.

Cash & Budget Report This will be updated periodically over the next three weeks.

Checking Account Reconciliation When the bank statement becomes available on December 1st , the reconciliation will be done (most likely on December 3). I will e-mail that to you.

Foreclosure Status We received payment on two properties today (11/19). That leaves 16 tax bills totaling just over $10,940 unpaid. I'll have a printout for the meeting night of what's left. Automatic foreclosure date is December 17 th . Any property left unpaid will belong to the town after that date. You won't meet again until January 3, 2013.

Registrar By statute, the Registrar of Voters appointment expires at the end of the year. I would recommend that you appoint Jennifer again, and I'll be happy to be the deputy again.

RSU 24 Withdrawal I'm still awaiting meeting minutes from the committee.

Deed to RSU 24 - Tony Beardsley tells me the deed is done and should arrive in the mail long before meeting time.  He asked if a town meeting is needed before the Selectmen can do the transfer.  I believe by approving the RSU agreement, the town long ago voted to transfer the school property to the RSU.  He seemed to agree with that.

Town Meeting Nomination Papers Nomination papers for the March 12, 2013 election become available on December 17th (lots of stuff happens that day!). The seats up for election are Dick Fennelly's and the seat that Bill Brann held both 3-year terms. The Assessor seat up for election is Jane Fowler's.

Town Meeting Warrant If all goes well, I'll have started drafting up the town meeting warrant. This will include an advisory ballot question on MUBEC as discussed last meeting. I'm still mulling that one over.

Town Report This is going to be an interesting town report to compose. 2012 has been quite a year. Any thoughts about what to put on the cover? We could solicit pictures again this year. There are lots of good photographers around who've got some nice shots of town.

As for the dedication, I think it would be fitting to have the report dedicated to Albert Herrick's memory. I've got several great pictures of him.

Give some thought to a citizen of the year nominee for 2012. We have a lot of folks who give a lot of their time to help our community. We've got some time.

Finally, how do you want to better publicize the town meeting? Bring your ideas.

Holiday Hours My plan is to close the town office on Christmas Eve at Noon Time, and all day Christmas Day. I would like to take the day after Christmas off as it's my daughter's 20 th birthday that day. On New Year's Eve, we can stay open until 4PM, though I'd like to offer a half day off to Jennifer and I'll work the rest of the shift. We're closed on the 1st , and will reopen as normal on the 2nd . The transfer station hours would be as normal, except I'll check with Bill about opening at 8AM Friday after Christmas to spread out the trash a bit. We'll likely have a lot of trash on Friday the 28th , and it would make sense to schedule a midday pickup on the 28th .

Lamoine Quarterly I would not plan on my having started to write this by meeting time, but you never know. The normal publication date would be January 1st , but I think we could hold off until the January 3rd meeting, putting publication on the 4th .

Executive Session Mike will be in to go over his job performance review under the probationary contract signed effective August 1st .

See you on the 6th don't eat too much turkey.