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Administrative Assistant's Report

for meeting of January 5, 2012

It seems a little strange to be typing 2012 already. I hope everyone had a good Christmas (though this will be posted before the holiday), and that 2012 is more prosperous than the previous 3-years have been.

There once again seems to be little on the agenda, which is not entirely an awful thing.

Minutes of December 15, 2011 They're posted on line and printed versions are with your packet. Written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 13 There should be a plow bill on here (which will be net of salt and sand), but as of this writing it has not been received yet. A few tax lien discharges, postage and insurance that is due at the end of January are on what has come in so far. There will be a payroll for December 28 th , and the month end reports for the state. I do not anticipate a huge dollar amount. The warrant is posted on line; the final version will be distributed at the meeting.

Cash & Budget Report These are on-line, a printed copy as of the meeting date will be distributed.

Checking Account Reconciliation This will be done well before the meeting and I will e-mail you the various files that go with it.

Foreclosure Status 2009/10 Liens I will have a spreadsheet in your printed materials to pick up as well as an updated report for the meeting night. The automatic foreclosure date is January 7 (the 9th as the 7th is a Saturday). A significant number of liens remain unpaid as of this writing.

Excise Tax Report The report for the first six months of the year and the comparison to past years will be posted on-line and the printed copy distributed at the meeting.

Town Meeting Warrant The Warrant will be ready to sign. Copies of the proposed warrant are in your written materials. Once it's signed, it will be posted on line.

Sign Amnesty Program As reported to you and the media via e-mail on December 19th , the signs that were swiped in early November were returned anonymously to the town hall sometime the afternoon of December 17th .

Town Report Cover Contest We've gotten several good entries. I'd like to extend the date a big to encourage more the town report won't go to print until February. Since this will be the last meeting with full board attendance for a while, I'll try to do up a Selectmen's report for your approval.

Knox Box I've put the cost sheet for a Knox Box in your materials. If we use the funding used for the entrance repairs, we have enough to install one at the town office. I would like to see one at both the Transfer Station and the Salt/Sand Shed, and suspect we can scare up enough money from both the budgets to afford it, but we could wait until the plowing season ends. I've not approached the school that could be left to the fire chief later.

Again, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and thanks for a stable yet productive 2011.