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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 19, 2012

As I look out the office window at bare ground on January 11, 2012, I'm thankful that we've had a very mild winter. I also note this is the 19 th anniversary of starting in this position with the Town of Lamoine. I took a look at the meeting minutes from 1993, and note that not a lot has changed on the agenda items between then and now you still sign the expenditure warrants openly, there were two tax lien foreclosures to deal with in 1993, and you met with the fire chief at that first meeting.

A reminder that Cynthia will be unable to attend this meeting. We wish her family well as they expect two new additions!

Minutes of January 5, 2012 Just two pages. Written corrections are appreciated.

Warrant 14 This is a large one as the school payment is included. There are lots of lien discharges, but nothing else spectacular on the warrant. I would note that the lien discharges for the 2009/10 taxes were filed and paid for as they came in to avoid any foreclosure confusion.

Cash & Budget Report I would note that excise tax collections have dropped off as usual, and we're actually a bit behind last year's collections at this time. This should pick up in May and June. Interest income is also off projections, as not much came in on the investment accounts last month due to the investment strategy. This too will pick up later in the year.

09/10 Lien foreclosures A separate memo is included in your packets in regard to the two properties that automatically foreclosed to the town.

Tax Collector's Settlement A settlement form will be ready to sign for the 2010/11 property taxes as the final personal property tax payment has been received, and the remainder are in lien. This is one of the earliest settlements that I can recall!

Meeting with Fire Chief Skip wants to meet with you in regard to the boiler at the fire station which is rapidly nearing the end of its useful life. The department corporation is prepared to purchase a new one for the town to be reimbursed if possible if there are any funds remaining at the end of the fiscal year in the FD budget.

Town Report 2011 I've not called X-Press Copy about printing prices this year, but I would recommend that we continue to use them as they've done a great job, the format looks wonderful, and the price has been most competitive.

There will be a draft available for review shortly I'll print it before the meeting. I'll be getting after department heads and board chairs to write their 2011 reports this week.

Conservation Commission You've received a letter of resignation from Annie Crisafulli to act on. David Legere has offered to serve (he was just appointed to the Alternate's position). The other alternate, Nancy Pochan, has indicated to the other board members that she would prefer to remain an alternate member.

Returnables The cheering team has made a request the next available month is March.

CEO Fill In Dennis will be out of the office from January 24, 2012 to March 8, 2012. Mike Jordan has agreed to fill in during that time. Pay will be adjusted accordingly according to contract agreements.

I see we have some snow coming tomorrow (the 12th .) If that's it for the rest of the winter, that would be OK by me!