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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of February 2, 2012

It's not often that you'll hear me say that January seems to have flown by! I think the relatively mild weather has helped a lot.

A reminder that it'll just be three of you at the meeting on the 2 nd . We all wish Jo well in her endeavour and Cynthia's family is doing fine from what she has communicated via e-mail.

There is not a lot on the agenda!

Minutes of January 19, 2012 – Even though the last meeting was not very long, there are 3-pages of minutes to review.

Warrant 15 – The January plowing bill is the biggest thing on here. We purchased more postage stamps – unfortunately after the rate went up by a penny! Payroll and the usual other bills should not make this a very big warrant.

Cash/Budget Report – Nothing unusual stands out at this point in the year.

Checking Account Reconciliation – If all goes well, this should be done on Wednesday. I will e-mail and have the hard copy available for review at the meeting.

Tax Acquired Property – The letters have gone to the two former owners of the pieces that automatically foreclosed giving them until your next meeting to redeem the property. We should discuss involving the town attorney on the parcel that is occupied in the anticipation that the former owner does not intend to redeem it.

Town Report Cover – I'll have the choices laid out for you at the meeting. I'm thinking the back cover could be a “runner up”, and we can intersperse some of the others throughout the report.

Town Report Draft – I'm in hopes that it'll be done for the meeting. I will send you a link to preview what we have thus far and have 3 hard copies for your packet for editing.

Printer – Xpress copy said they'd be glad to print the reports for nearly the same price as last year.

FD Boiler – The request for the energy audit has been sent to Efficiency Maine – I've yet to hear back from them.

Dept. of Labor Inspection – I sometimes wonder if one of the leading causes of workplace injury might be the stress induced by the inspectors – though this inspector has been very pleasant. He showed up unannounced (as they always do) on Tuesday the 24 th and will be back on the 26 th to meet with the fire chief to inspect the training records at the fire station. I should have a written report on things that need to be done to be in state safety compliance. We won't know until we get the final report back from his superiors if any fines are involved. We'll have 15-days to appeal if there are fines. He's already pointed out a couple of things at the town hall that need to be done – we need to install a railing for the cellar stairs. We've already removed an extension cord form the Clerk's office and I'll purchase a strip outlet for the meeting room at the table for the letter folder and pencil sharpener, eliminating those extension cords. The fire extinguisher at the transfer station was out of date for its annual inspection – the door was locked the last time the inspector was down. Bill has removed a lighted tree and extension cord form the office area. I look forward to the final report.

That's it for the agenda. See you on the Groundhog Day!