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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of February 16, 2012

It's kind of nice to look out the office window and see just a smattering of snow/ice on the ground in early February. In fact, it was so nice the other day, I was getting an itch for baseball season!

Business has picked up at the town office this week as property taxes are due at the end of the month. We sent out reminder postcards on Monday afternoon (folks should be getting them today as I write this report on Wednesday). We also sent out mooring renewal notices yesterday that folks should get on Thursday. The post office should stay in business for another day at least!

Your agenda doesn't look too lengthy, but there are a couple of things that may warrant longer discussion.

Minutes The minutes were not very long, since the meeting wasn't very long! Please review them as usual.

Warrant 16 This will be a big one as the school bill is on here. The good news is we shouldn't have to move any money from investments to cover the warrant, as property taxes come in. There is a bill to update the accounting software (current version is 2010, upgrade would be to 2012) and a few refunds of tax overpayments. The warrant will be updated on the website periodically and the final version available for you at the meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports Again, this will be updated periodically and the report for meeting day available in printed form that evening.

Pavement Management Contract Roger Picard was here on the 7th to go over what will be paved (sections of Mill Road and Shore Road). His contract is in the packet. We've used him for several years.

Lien Payment Application I've copied yet another letter to a taxpayer after her confusion as to how her tax lien payment was applied last summer for your information.

Tax Acquired Property disposition There has been no communication from Brian Young et al in regard to the property (Map 12 Lot 46) on Berry Cove Rd. The deadline is this meeting. If we don't hear from him, I would recommend that it be offered for sale by sealed bid to be opened on March 15th , and a minimum price be calculated.

School Advisory Committee/RSU 24 Gordon Donaldson and Brett Jones will be present to discuss what the Local School Advisory Committee is planning, especially in regard to potential withdrawal from RSU 24. A copy of a petition that is circulating is in you packet, and a link to the referenced state law is on the website in this report.

Commendation Basketball Teams Bill asked that the teams (both playing for the RSU small school championship tonight) be recognized. I'll have certificates drawn up for that, and good luck to them in their quest!

Road Postings The Road Weight ordinance authorizes the Selectmen or their designee to post the roads. I would suggest that you authorize the road commissioner to post the local roads as needed to coincide with any posting of the state roads between February 16, 2012 and May 1, 2012.

Bureau of Labor Standards Report The printed report is in your packet I e-mailed the electronic report on the Monday it was received. We have 15-days to appeal any fine or correction required. The initial response to the e-mail was that we pay the $700 fine and make the corrections. Many of the corrections have already been made, though I've not been able to get a carpenter to do the hand rails yet.

Energy Audit The gentleman for Efficiency Maine was here yesterday to look over the fire station. I presume we'll get a copy of his report and recommendation soon. He said he is pushing propane furnaces, though the cost is much higher than oil furnaces and the operational cost savings will be outlined in his report. Several other recommendations on lights and weather stripping are likely to be contained in the report.

Executive Session I have one matter to discuss in executive session that by state law is confidential, as it involves a General Assistance related matter.

See you on the 16th .