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For Meeting of March 1, 2012

It looks like we'll have a full complement of Selectmen for your final meeting before the annual town meeting. Let me wish all those running for office the best of luck – of course, you're all unopposed!

The agenda is not terribly long, but I don't think it's going to be a 20-minute meeting either.

Minutes – Please review the minutes – they're pretty long. Written changes are the easiest to process.

Warrant 17 – This will seem pretty large, but the bulk of it will be a transfer into the investment management account now that property taxes are rolling in. I won't know how much until the day of your meeting. Nothing terribly unusual on the warrant thus far.

Cash & Budget Report – Nothing seems out of sync on either the expenditure or revenue side. We're in a very good cash position at the moment and will have enough to finish out the fiscal year and still have some in the bank.

Checking Account Reconciliation – If all goes well, the reconciliation will be done for your meeting – it depends on how busy a day it is, and it's likely to be busy as taxes are due on the 28th and interest starts on 3/1. If the reconciliation is not ready, it will be for the 15th .

Tax Acquired Property Ad – the ad is running in the Ellsworth American on 3/1 and 3/8, and it's been posted on the website since the day after your last meeting. I've mailed the ad to abutters and posted it at the town hall. The bids are due by 3/15.

RSU 24 Withdrawal – According to an e-mail from Gordon Donaldson, they have enough petition signatures. As of this writing, the signatures have not been turned in. We went over the process at the last meeting. Gordon has suggested a vote during the June primary on 6/12, which is generally the same day the RSU budget validation vote takes place. We still need a dollar figure for the ballot, and the summary of the discussion from February 20th suggests they're close to getting one.

I've e-mailed a draft of a letter to the RSU office requesting information. Any corrections or changes would be appreciated prior to the meeting so a signature copy is ready for you.

Town Meeting – A resolve for the Citizen of the Year awaits signatures, and the copy for the plaque awaits approval.

I'll be working on the power point presentation for the meeting this week and next week, and hope to have printed copy for you.

Fire Dept. Boiler – The report from Efficiency Maine is here (they're quite efficient!). Printed copies are in your packet, and a link is posted. The boiler project is what the focus is for the moment – I'll try to figure some payback analysis on that as they're recommending a propane system vs. an oil system. The estimate from the FD is also in your packet to replace and improve the present oil system. We do not have an actually estimate for a propane system. I suspect the fire department, which will up front the cost, is anxious to get some direction from the Selectmen.

Vacation & Schedule – My wife and I are looking at taking a trip to Washington DC the week of April 12th – 17th , which would require 5-days off. I'll try to confirm that date prior to our meeting. I'll be out of the office on March 2nd (the day after this meeting) for a town management session, and on March 8th to teach tax lien class. Baseball season starts on March 7th in the evening, with actual umpiring starting in mid-April. I've not heard any complaints about leaving the office early to accommodate the schedule, but please let me know if there is any problem.

Personnel Reviews/Schedule – The end of the fiscal year is rapidly approaching, and it's time to think about doing performance reviews and renegotiating contracts with your regular personnel. The question is, when would you like to do these? The idea is to set some dates for that and proceed from there.

Next Meetings – Town meeting is the 14th , voting the 13th , and you meet on the 15th to select a chair, sign a warrant, renew a few policies, and open the bids on the foreclosed property. The question is, do you need to meet on March 29th ? If not your next regular meeting would be on April 5th and 19th .

Enjoy this brutal winter…..